March 18. 2020
Dear Sisters and Brothers,
The word came from all the bishops of Florida that they have closed all churches and oratories throughout the state in view of COVID-19. All meetings have been suspended until further notice including our Parish Hall activities. The closure is effective today.

I can't help but think that on the day between St. Patrick yesterday and St. Joseph tomorrow that we are in good hands today. Fr. Antony and I will privately celebrate the Mass intentions you normally see in the bulletin.

At St. Sebastian, the only thing that will be open is the parish office between 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon Monday through Friday. We will always be available by telephone, and our voice mail message has the emergency number on it.

Thank God for email addresses we got from you last Sunday to stay in touch, Spread the word to any parishioner you know who didn't receive this email. They can get on the mailing by calling, or by simply sending us an email at <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; and ask to be put on the list.

With many holy elbow bumps and my promise to be all we can for you in these days, we are yours,
In Jesus,
Fr. Jim, Annie and Patricio

Bible Sharing meets on Thursday mornings from 8:30 to 9:30 in the Parish Hall. We are studying the Gospel of Luke. For more information, please contact Mary Kennedy at 954-290-1194.

foodforthoughtFOOD FOR THOUGHT
My Church is composed of people like me. I help make it what it is.

It will be friendly, if I am. Its pews will be filled, if I help fill them. It will do great work, if I work. It will make generous gifts to many causes if I invite and bring them.

It will be a Church of loyalty and love, of fearlessness and faith, and a church with a noble spirit, if I, who make it what it is, am filled with these same things.

Therefore, with the help of God, I shall dedicate myself to the task of being all the things that I want my church to be.


A new Caregiver Support Group offered by Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support, Inc., is a non-profit organization providing education, support and respite to caregivers and patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and other memory-loss conditions in Broward County.

Beginning on Monday, July 6th, the group will meet in Monsignor McDonnell Parish Hall from 10:00-11:30 am. and will continue on the first Monday of each month. For more information please call 954-588-1967.  

Following is a quote from Monsignor’s letter to Parishioners at Easter about the proposed kitchen project: “Please spend time over the summer giving prayerful thought and attention to this next milestone in our 56 year history. I think it is a good idea and hope you will value my judgment. Ultimately you have the final vote by funding it or not funding it. Please be ready by October to offer your support”.
If you are facing a serious illness or hospitalization, please call the office to schedule a time for Monsignor to administer the in a timely manner.


Saturday 5 pm
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Sunday 8:30 & 11 am
Weekdays 8:00 am
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Holy Days
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