Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
Presuming his permission, and because I am feeling less than inspired in the throes of a cold, I’d like to pass along a meditation that Fred Hanna, a professor of Music at Creighton University, wrote for the Daily Reflections publication of Creighton for today. (You can find them at Creighton Online Ministries.)

We are still basking in the joy of Easter as Luke reminds us of David’s promise, and the Lord’s promise, that someone (Jesus) would be raised and "exalted at the right hand of God.” Glory. And we are equally reminded in the psalm that “you will show me the path to life.”

While Easter is behind us we need to remember that hope lasts all year long. When I imagine the Apostle’s confusion in the upper room at the institution of the Lord’s Supper I compare it to the confusing times we are living in. As the apostles couldn’t believe what was getting ready to happen, I can’t believe the daily changes going on in our society, government, financial institutions and more.

What about the disbelief the next day during Good Friday. The Lord had just said (what he had been saying for some time) that he was to be crucified, and there it was, actually happening right in front of them. I am in disbelief with the way people behave in public, questionable ethics and morality permeate our society and government, and am speechless to actually watch it happen.

But hope abounds. The joy of Easter Sunday still is with us. The disciples, while frantic for answers came to know that Christ had indeed risen from the dead (He is Risen, Indeed). My hope lives with the Easter story all year round.
I couldn’t have said it better myself. In fact, I didn’t. I just want to wish all the snowbirds returning home, safe flights and happy summering in their “other” nests. Meanwhile the rest of the aviary will await your return, and maybe have a few good moments while you’re gone. In fact, you might be surprised at the fun we have over the summer, but alas you are not here so we have to do it without you.

Not because I have space to fill, but because the thought is constantly recurring in the last few weeks, I’m just very grateful to the people who made our place look so great for the celebration of the major feast in our lives. Charlotte and Annie arranging those Easter drapes is a special memory.

Would you spend the rest of this space in a prayer of gratitude for the whole crew? Of course, you will. Their work is one of the reasons that our “hope abounds” as Professor Hanna says.

In our Risen Lord,
sign frjim

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