Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
This is my second attempt at writing this week’s Twitch. The first was half-written when a virus of some sort attacked. I immediately called our trusty tech, Gary Thani, and he calmed my nerves and said, “Just shut it off and it will go somewhere else.” This was a hi-tech solution. Of course, if I had been saving my stuff you would still have the superlative prose that had flowed off my fingers. Instead, you’re stuck with this prosaic rewrite.

Do you ever just stop and murmur a prayer of thanks for some of the technology we have? Still, like so many things, it isn’t the product; it’s how you use it.

I get annoyed with unwanted emails, and all the rest of it. I really feel badly about what is available online to adults and kids. You’re constantly walking the fine line between protecting people from un¬warranted assaults and the whole concept of freedom of speech (and by extension, unfortunately sometimes, freedom of sight.)

Nancy Gibbs is the editor of Time magazine, and in her opening editorial remarks in last week’s edition (May 15th), she made some salient points about how careful we need to be by not letting ourselves create a government by Twitter.

It made me think of just how well we do use our technology. Ultimately it comes to expecting the best from each other, and not letting the anonymity of online life let us think that “we aren’t harming anyone.” Excrement du taureau!

Here are a few wonderful things I want to share.

Our Lenten Rice Bowls raised $1,295.86 for Catholic Relief Services. I think we did a good job. CRS is the outreach arm of the American Catholic Church. Treat yourself to a moment of satisfaction by going online (see, you can use it well,) and simply get a look at their website. It shows how they are reaching out with emergency aid, long term agricultural education programs, and major efforts in health areas. It makes me proud and I hope it’s the same for you.

On a fun note, we also sent another $68.89 to CRS that came from Dr. Frank Whitesell’s daughter, Mary. His wife Philomena still graces our planet at age 97. Mary told me that she had discovered that Frank picked up coins on the beach over time. He called it his St. Anthony Fund. (When I told Bill Fuccillo the story, he remarked, “Maybe I should walk the beach more often.”)

On another note, you’ll be happy to know that with the help of both suggestions and money from the Men’s Club, we have two major projects in the works. One project is the new hurricane windows which also provide terrific insulation in what we call Father Stephen’s house or Father Bill Mylchreest’s house before that. It is a major storage area for the parish, as well as an apartment and a half. The Men’s club encouraged fixing it up and perhaps it will give us the opportunity to invite some priest who wishes to retire here to live there and help in the parish on days off (mine or pastor’s) and vacation times, etc.

The other project, which we hope will happen in August is the replacement of the lighting system throughout our Church building with LED lighting. It’s a huge project. Not only will it substantially improve the lighting throughout the Church building, but ultimately will save us a lot of money with the electric bill. Additional good news is that we won’t have to lose the use of the space while the work is being done.

Keep up your prayers and your support. We bless each other in so many ways.
In Jesus,
sign frjim

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