Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
As we move gently back into the ‘greenness’ of ordinary time, our liturgy brings us back to the cycle of St. Matthew’s gospel. I think about all the ‘ordinary’ things that make up our lives. At times, we might think that ordinary means boring. Same old, same old...

With Matthew, we’ll hear the stories of the encounters of Jesus with the rich and the poor, the blind of eye and spirit, the broken of body and mind. He heals, and when he heals he says, “these things are but stepping stones for you to join with me in the journey back to my Father.”

His understanding of his Father’s love, his acceptance of his Father’s will, brought him to the pinnacle of his Mission: the gift of his life. There is nothing very ordinary about what he did, and yet our faith gives us eyes to see and hearts to know that everything he did has now become our foundation, our ORDINARY. He calls us to make his love our mission, our ordinary way of living.

The older I get the more I know that ordinary is our salvation. I can feel a whole pile of clichés coming on, so before I get there, just let me tell you what brought all this on. For weeks, I have been trying to remember to thank a special group from among the Temple Tenders who “do the laundry.”

Every time we celebrate the Eucharist, we have a clean linen purificator (e.g. napkin) to carefully cleanse the cup with the Precious Blood of the Lord. That’s ten a week and fifteen on the weekends. (If it were up to the priests, we’d probably use the same cloth until it stood up by itself and walked away. I remember a few over the years.)

This might not seem like such a big deal, but when you see some good woman leaving the Church on Sunday with a laundry basket under her arm, you’ll know what it is. Here are some special steps of care you take when it comes to the Precious Blood. Then you iron them and fold them in a special way. It’s pretty ordinary. It is also an extraordinary simple thing that just makes you realize how much we depend on each other in ways we never even think about. Yet if those ordinary things weren’t done, you’d know about it pretty quickly. There will always be someone there to tell us.

Parish life is a paradigm of the ordinary. Be¬cause of ordinary well done, we get to move on with the Lord.

So, to Elba, Maureen, Dottie, Linda D., Linda H., Laura, Ann, Betty and last but not least, Cynthia, a heartfelt thank you for blessing us with your gift of the ordinary. Anything that helps take the specks off the glass makes it easier to see Jesus. Specks get removed in countless ways from straightening books in pews after Mass to wiping counters off after donut time.

As I look back on our time from Ash Wednesday to now, I’m so grateful for the many who were part of the action to “de-speck” every aspect of our lives as a faith community.

Here’s to the Lord, always shining through!
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