Twilight Twitches

My dear Sisters and Brothers,
“At that time Jesus exclaimed: I give praise to you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, for although you have hidden these things from the wise and the learned you have revealed them to little ones.” We hear these words from Matthew at the beginning of the Gospel this weekend. They always seem to bring to mind a wonderful memory for me.

Way back, I think it was in 1979, I had the privilege of babysitting my godson, Kevin, and his little brother, Christian, for a weekend while their parents and older sisters attended a wedding. Kevin was 5 and Christian was 3. I decided we’d go to Colohatchee Park on Sunday afternoon, before the family returned to pick up the boys. So, equipped with drinks, balls, wipeits, and all sorts of other necessary items for dealing with little boys, off we went.

The boys played on the playground, and just had a great time. We had such a great time, that I forgot to look at my watch, and lost track of the time. When I did check the time, I realized that we were supposed to have met the family 10 minutes ago at my apartment. Those of you who know me, know that this was not good! I rushed to gather up all the stuff we’d brought, got the boys together, and off we went hurrying along the boardwalk through the mangroves to the parking lot....

for about 10 paces...

hermitcrabSuddenly, Kevin was lying on his stomach, with his head over the edge of the boardwalk, fascinated by a hermit crab and encouraging his brother to join him. So, realizing that I was outnumbered, we all admired the hermit crab for a few minutes, until I managed to move them along ... but not for long.

Once again, the scene repeated itself a little further down the boardwalk, so once again we all watched the hermit crab for a bit, and then “my adult-ness” kicked in and I hurried the boys along.
By the time the scene repeated itself for the third time, and we were about a half hour late meeting their parents, I was in full “adult mode.” Both boys were on their stomachs, with heads hanging over the boardwalk, just mesmerized by yet another hermit crab. I immediately tried to hurry them up, telling them that we needed to go, and said, “Kevin, you’ve stopped twice already to see hermit crabs. Why do we have to stop and look at this one?” And with the precious innocent wisdom of a 5 year old, Kevin looked up at me and said, “But Annie, they’re all different!” “What you have hidden... you have revealed to little ones...!”

Great wisdom sometimes comes out of the mouths of babes! Those little guys had not lost their sense of wonder in the beauty of God’s creation, and that was a very powerful lesson for me. There is beauty all around us, but it seems like we often are “too busy” to take the time out to enjoy it.
It’s interesting that this particular Gospel reading comes at this point of the year. The Lord seems to make the invitation to rest - and to rest in Him - pretty clear: “Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened, and I will give you rest.”

So, in these lazy, hazy days of summer, let’s take the time to view the “hermit crabs” that are around us, and let the Lord give us some rest from our busy lives, taking time to be grateful for all the amazing blessings He has given to us. Have a wonder-full week doing so!
Blessings and peace,
sign annie

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