Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
So how are things going while Annie is away? Actually, I don’t know because as I write she hasn’t left yet. Nevertheless, by the time you read this I hope she is having a good time and a good rest away from the merry-go-round of broken pipes and termites and A.C. fuses and Geiger beetles (not just any ordinary beetle.) You are forbidden to contact her by email, text message or smoke signals.

...And to ensure that she will really have a good time, I am telling you now that things are going absolutely fantastic. Of course, I add not so fantastic as they would be if she were here, but fantastic nevertheless! That’s my story. I’m sticking to it, and that’s the story all of you will tell her upon her return. Capichi?

One of the things that will go well is today’s Picnic and Ice Cream Social.

This afternoon (Sunday) will find a nice group of parishioners gathered in the McDonnell Center from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. The Pastoral Council members undertook this event and each of the members have taken a piece of the action. Personally, I think it raises the level of service to a very high level. Other than good company, what could be better than hamburgers and hots dogs and beans and ICE CREAM?

My special thanks to Council Members Nancy Adams, Judy Fisher, Liz Siegle, Frank Krauser, Rose¬mary Guerin, Chuck Wobby, Ann Murry, Bob Zelmer and Connie Reed. They worked hard for today, and I know that even if you didn’t sign up for the dinner, we will have extra.

When you were growing up did your family ever have the “FHP” signal? In case we had someone unexpectedly visit, the signal was “Family Hold Back” to make sure everyone got something. I never remember being hungry in that situation. (Do I look like I missed a lot of meals?) Still, it’s  
special to have that memory of hospitality our parents taught us. (Remind me to tell you the interesting Aer Lingus story regarding a food shortage.)

Switching gears, are you doing anything to invite the Lord into your summer? For many there is no letup in activity. But we all try to think about vacations even if we’re only dreaming about them. I’ve been asking myself just how well the Lord is fitting into my planning. When I change the venue and deviate from my normal activity patterns, I find it hard to remember to say, “Okay, Lord, thanks for coming along on the trip with me.” It’s not that I don’t think He’s there. It’s just that sometimes the things you do normally become so much of a habit – however virtuous they may be, that carrying over His Presence to something entirely new, like a vacation itinerary, becomes hard to do. In the flow of our ‘ordinary’ lives, we can lose sight of the extraordinary. Where have we heard that before?

Over the years, more than once people have come to say they were sorry because they missed Mass while they were travelling. I usually say something like, “Don’t make God a time-clock that you have to punch into every Sunday.” I also try to say, “Maybe next time, you can do a little better planning ahead of time.” Then there’s, “None of my relatives were Catholic and I didn’t want to embarrass them.” You don’t think much of your relatives if you didn’t think that maybe they would admire your efforts to meet the Lord – especially if they know that Catholics have a powerful commitment to gathering as the Body of Christ every Sunday.

Wherever you are, rejoice right now that the reason you are reading this little Twitch is because it’s one of the things your special parish family has, along with the bulletin it comes in and the activities of the community reflected here. May the Lord we meet here be everywhere with us all days and in all places. May others have the chance to see Who our travelling companion is.

In Him,
sign frjim

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