Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
So, what do Judy Fisher, Rosemary Guerin, Ann Murry, Chuck Wobby and Armando Rodriguez (grilling “grates,” get it? grate), Frank Krauser, (czar of frozen procurements), Connie Reed, Liz Siegle, Jeanette Harris and grandson Christian, (Imagine! - a young guy who does dishes,) Carolyn and Bob Dentz, Loretta Polizano, Frances Salerno, Noelle McInery, (I hope I spelled that right), and Sue Schierer (the Ice Cream queen) all have in common? THEY THROW A PRETTY GOOD PARISH BARBEQUE/ICE CREAM EXTRAVAGANZA! Annie was there in spirit because Cynthia represented the ‘front office’ very well.

If you were not one of the 70+ eaters you missed a good party. I was one of the people who missed what someone who was there called, “a really nice crowd,” and they didn’t mean size. However, I did have great friend(s) in the crew who sent me my very own Hebrew National hot dog, grilled to perfection. For the record, Rosemary did the beans and Costco did the slaw and potato salad which got great reviews as well.

I wasn’t there because I was a little hampered by health. I’ve been trying to find a new body, but I’m very disappointed about the trade-in they want to give me for my old body. I’ve got some pride, so now I’ll just make do with this one. In the meantime, just keep me in your prayers. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of my condition sufficient to obviate the need for barstools. I slide off the one we’ve got. I’m looking for a cushion I can tie on because it would be very embarrassing to have to admit I fell off a barstool during Mass. How could you ever really explain that?

One good thing for me about being inconvenienced with ailments; it makes you a little more aware of other folk going through ‘stuff.’ Some people are really amazing with how well they handle everything from cancers to corns. I’m not sure but maybe you will have heard a little of what I’m writing about in today’s homily. Last week and this week we are hearing the parables about the kingdom of heaven. All the examples Jesus used...why? Maybe there’s not a lot of difference between ailments and money when it comes to distractions.

One commentator speculated that maybe when the gospel was being formed, Matthew remembered the event where the rich young man came and asked Jesus, “What must I do to possess eternal life?” Jesus answered, “Go sell what you have, give the money to the poor, and come follow me.” Matthew says the young man went away sad because he had many possessions. He’s never heard from again. What did Jesus think? I wonder who was sadder, the young man or Jesus.

I think all these parables about the kingdom of heaven (presence of God) are ways in which Jesus is underlining what’s important in our lives. Jesus repeats himself because he’s having a hard time getting through. I like the idea of substituting the phrase “Presence of God” for the “Kingdom of Heaven.” All Jesus wants to do is to make his Father’s love present here, and hereafter.

Frankie, Annie’s chocolate lab is boarding with me while she’s gone. He has a cone because he had a small sore on his leg that wouldn’t heal because he kept licking it. I see that cone and I feel so sorry for him. It reminded me of that awful boot I had to wear for the Achilles tendon. Frankie has the patience of a saint and that makes me feel just that much more badly for him, to say nothing of being a little guilty about the things I don’t want to put up with. Maybe not so much difference between the distractions of ailments and avarice...

So, here’s to being able to focus on the kingdom and see the presence of the Lord in everything. If Frankie can do it (like his focus on treats) so can I.

In Jesus,
sign frjim

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