Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
Thanks to the Men’s Club, summer brings us two major projects. One is finished already, the re-windowing and then painting of what we call Father Stephen’s house, - even though he’s been gone for four years. His presence blessed us. Maybe we should call it the St. Stephen House. Patricio did a great job of filling cracks. It came out very well, and we were blessed to find a really good painter who didn’t blow us out of the water with the cost. (I’d happily recommend him to you upon request.)

The second project is about to begin this week. It’s big but hopefully well worth the effort. We are replacing the lighting in the Main Sanctuary (i.e. church). We’ll be able to keep the present chandeliers, but will change over to LED lighting. The altar lights are also part of the “do-over.” Bob Romano inspired the change, pointing out that the conversion will lower our electric costs a lot. I am even more hopeful about the lighting itself. They’ve come along way with LED lighting. With a breath from the Holy Spirit, (who is known for working well with light), we should be able to see each other even better, never mind the small print in the hymnals.

Speaking of light, how about “Take courage, it is I; do not be afraid.”? Talk about light-filled reassurance.

Today’s gospel is the same one we read at daily Mass last Tuesday. For those who were at the Mass, they experienced what may have been a record: the shortest homily I ever preached! All I did was quote Jesus; “Take courage, it is I; do not be afraid.” It wasn’t that I planned it. Rather, after I read the gospel, it seemed His assurance was the only thing the moment called for.
I have also realized since then that I might not have been touched by that encouragement of Jesus if I hadn’t had to read that gospel out loud to the folk gathered there.

In other words, what do I do to bring myself into the ambit of the Lord’s encouragement? Would I have heard him if I hadn’t read that gospel?

Today’s first reading from Kings makes the point so well. It’s one of my favorite passages.

Elijah needs the Lord’s presence to help him, and he looks for the Lord. Elijah has been hiding in a cave and the Lord sends him outside the cave to look for Him.

...but the LORD was not in the wind. ...the LORD was not in the earthquake. ...the LORD was not in the fire.

After the fire there was
...a tiny whispering sound. FROM THE CAVE!

When he heard this, Elijah went back to the entrance of the cave and hid his face in his cloak.

Point: where do we look for the Lord? Elijah’s story tells us it isn’t in the mad rush of the world, or the never-ending stuff neighbors do that drive us nuts. We have to go back to the entrance of our hearts, and listen, and yes, perhaps hide our faces in the cloaks of embarrassment because we didn’t listen when it could have helped us.

I’m off to vacation this week and I’ll see you September 2. I’ll try hard not to think about you, but that just won’t work, so I’ll be praying for you instead. Peace and blessings!

In Jesus,
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