Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
The mystery of suffering will always elude me, at least on the level of my emotions. After the storms go through and I see the devastation, I say, “Why, Lord, and why to the same people?”

I feel relieved that we didn’t get it as badly as we thought we would the first time and that we will probably hardly notice the second pass. (As usual, I’m writing five days ahead of when you will read this.) My relief is submerged by the knowledge that if the storms don’t hit us, they hit someone else, probably people far less equipped to deal with them than we are.

The one shaft of light that penetrates all this suffering for me, is the knowledge in faith that God is not orchestrating misery for his amusement. ‘He’s been there and done that’ when Jesus suffered and died. Jesus totally identified with the human condition. He did it at the Jordan when he told John to baptize him “for the sake of righteousness.” In other words, I stand here in solidarity with broken humanity.

“Let this cup pass” is surely a plea on the lips of storm-threatened people. We are certainly bent, if not broken.

I know you aren’t interested in a long dissertation on original sin. But, baby, this is it. The evil of mankind is such that even creation itself is marred. It is only the Son of God saying, “Nevertheless, not my will but yours...” that makes it possible for the Father to say to his Son, “Be raised!”

In other words, Jesus says, “Father, I’m one of them with all their brokenness,” and the Father says, “I love you all.” Hurricanes, among other things, are what our old catechisms called the effects of original sin. The promise of Jesus to be with us all days is what gives us hope.
AND, in the meantime because we know we are loved, we try to love in the name of Jesus. Yes, that means be generous in hurricane collections, and yes, that means stop complaining.

(I was very disheartened to hear the manager of Coral Gables complaining that FPL was failing the city. They’ve got huge trees all over the place and the trees fall and they can’t understand what’s slowing the power company. We’ve all watched those guys swinging from lifts in 95 degree heat. I guess the manager needs to cover his rear end. He sure as heck couldn’t have been around for Andrew. And by the way, the power company tried to get them to work together to get the trees taken care of... But I digress...)

On a much happier level, today, (the 19th) I’m meeting with a company that has been part of the parish history, Toro Construction, and I hope we can get not only our clean-up needs taken care of, but also regain the momentum for our Shrine to Our Lady Star of the Sea, as well as our new entrance signage. Chris O’Connor has been patiently waiting for the shrine in memory of his parents. The mosaic of the Blessed Mother is already completed by Pickel Studios in Vero Beach.

Danny Barnes is also puffing our new lighting in the main sanctuary (church) back on the schedule and hopefully his house will be back in shape and our lights will sparkle in a month or so.  So, the Lord knows what the rest of the hurri-cane season will bring, but in faith and hope we will prepare with and for each other.

As a word of caution, I warn whoever may be tempted to deny climate change in my presence, runs the risk of a kick in the shins. (I can’t get my leg any higher.)
With laughs and love,
in Jesus,
sign frjim

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