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fetscherDear Family,
We don’t talk about money very often. The downside of that is I forget to thank you for your support. So, before anything else, Thanks! We’re not rolling in it, but we cover our needs and we are able to keep our commitments to doing outreach to THE POOR, THE HUNGRY, and right now THE ROOFLESS.

I firmly believe that as long as we keep the needs of others on the top of our list, there will always be enough to support the bottom. (That’s us. I hope you don’t mind being referenced as “bottom.”)

In addition to the generous contribution you made to the special hurricane collection we had a couple of weeks ago, I’ve also received some funds that will help us do some direct relief to Puerto Rico and some of the Caribbean islands. (Just last Sunday a visitor approached me after Mass. He had heard me remark that maybe we needed to send some of our kitchen funds to people who had no roofs. He handed me $100.)

THIS FRIDAY NIGHT IS OKTOBERFEST!!! 5:30 Lubricate; 6:30 Masticate.

Annie (who returned to find the parish relatively intact) always gently reminds me that the funds we raise as a result of Oktoberfest and the Spring Fish Fry go a long way in helping us float the boat. What I ALSO love is that these are great times to bring the gang together. In a small parish we actually get to see a good portion of the congregation, and of course, their guests.

Some tickets will probably be available at the door but getting them BEFOREHAND assures you ‘a place at the table.’ It also makes it so much easier to plan when we have a good idea of the numbers. We are very last minute about these events. Maybe it’s in our ecclesiastical genes.

Once again Elli Hurst and the incredible crew that helps do the heavy lifting deserve our gratitude for making this happen each year. This is Elli’s 12th. I think of her and group as Parochial treasures. You’ve heard of national treasures? This is the local version. I’m looking forward to the event and I hope to see you there.

When you have a minute, go online to the website of the Archdiocese of Miami. There you will find some articles about our NEW AUXILIARY BISHOP, Father Enrique Delgado. He is a late vocation (no doubt your prayers have something to do with that), comes originally from Peru and entered the seminary here in Florida at age 35. He has been a priest since 1996 and most recently pastor of Saint Katherine Drexel in Weston.

Being a bishop is never easy, and doing it right is even harder. Father Enrique will join Bishop Peter Baldacchino as an auxiliary bishop to Archbishop Wenski. I think we will be blessed by his ministry and hopefully we can have him visit us at some point in the future. You must keep him in your prayers.

I think we are particularly blessed with our THREE bishops. (They already made me a Monsignor, so I don’t have to pander…) As a parish community let’s commit ourselves to praying for them each day. When we do that, in reality we are praying for ourselves.

Slowly but surely, we continue to work on the lighting in the Main Sanctuary. Irma really threw our time schedule off. We continue to clean up. Thank God for the City of Fort Lauderdale that undertook the incredible task of removing the fallen ficus in front of the rectory. It fell on the Church lot, and even though it was rooted in the swale. The general rule is that you (we) are responsible for what falls on our property. The irony is that the ficus is really regarded as a trash tree. LET’S GROW GOOD STUFF, people AND trees. In Jesus,

sign frjim

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