Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
Last week I enjoyed introducing Father Antony and the St. Mary community to you so much that I forgot to say Happy Thanksgiving in last Sunday’s Twitch. That plus the fact that, because of printing deadlines, I’m really writing this Twitch on Nov. 16th. Right now, your ‘last week’ is my ‘next week.’ How’s that for total confusion? It’s okay. Sort of goes with the territory these days.

SO, what would I have said to you if this was last Sunday’s pre-Thanksgiving letter? Well, firstly, thanks for reading this. The Twitches are my way of trying to keep us in touch with each other. I don’t labor under any illusion that they are masterpieces of prose. However, writing forces me to stop and think a little bit about the who, what, where, when, and most of all, the why of St. Sebastian.

Thank you for being people who create an ongoing sense of welcome, of hospitality. Trust me! People notice! We believe Jesus welcomes us. We are thankful for that. Our gratitude to Him flows out of us and makes a grateful people who are nice to be around.

I let my mind wander a little, and I think about the aura of the Holy Spirit surrounding us as we “open the scriptures and break the bread.” Why?

The Spirit brings us to the Lord, and now we change at His table and well beyond His table. Can we accept the privilege and the responsibility of being Him for each other, and not just each other, but for all the “others” including those who drive us nuts? I am grateful that God seems willing to give us the chance. Strike the word ‘seems.” God IS willing to give us the chance. What else could cross and resurrection mean?
I saw a PBS program last night on the Voyager space missions. The Voyagers were sent to examine other planets in our solar system. The planning started in 1972, launched in 1977, and then the two space craft “did their thing.” The first encounters came in 1979, but it’s still going on! Go and Google ‘Spaceship Voyager 1’ if you want to see the details. It’s fascinating.

The reason I’m puffing that story in my thanksgiving ponderings is because after 40 years the Voyager I is nearly 13 billion miles away in a universe that simply stretches beyond our wildest imaginations. And yet here we sit. Here I sit. I am at the center of my universe, and what is stunning is that God knows me by name. That’s what I believe; in a vastness that underlines our tiny existence, we are still known by name, EACH ONE OF US! Whew!

Picturing myself this way humbles me in the presence of other people who God also knows by name and sees like me. He is the one who gives us importance, each of us I believe, in equal measure. How can I not value what God values? I’m thankful for the insight. Now if I could just live as gratefully as I am feeling in this moment...

I have a long litany of people and things to be thankful about. I wouldn’t and couldn’t give you the whole list because you don’t have that kind of time. I start with my family – siblings who are all talking to each other and love each other. They include my best friend among themselves. I am so grateful for the people with whom I work. You’ll meet them on this year’s Christmas card which Annie made for us. It’s almost a ‘dark’ card but extraordinarily beautiful precisely because in our times of darkness, light shines through. I’m thankful for the chance to be light for others, and to be forgiven when I’m not.

In Jesus,
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