Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
Once again, I find myself in a little bit of a time-warp challenge. I’m writing this Twitch ten days before you read it because of holidays and printing deadlines. This time, though, it is a little easier because I think that on January 7th, I will still be having a lot of good memories of Christmas time 2017. Fortunately, many of you did NOT get the memo that was circulating around at the hand of connivers concerned for my sugar numbers. Valiantly, the confectioners of the land made it through the enemy lines. (Actually, the “enemy” got some pay¬offs, too, so we are all in collusion. Whoops, I shouldn’t be using that word.)

To all of you who were so generous with your thoughts and prayers and gifts, our heartfelt thanks and prayers right back at you. That includes Annie, Cynthia, Patricio, Sue and Peter, and of course, the “paws.” (Dogs pray, too. Surely, you’ve seen them begging.)

Woven through my grateful thoughts was and is the concern we’ve had for Cynthia as she spent Christmas in the hospital and hopefully is well on the road to recovery. I am also thinking of Charlotte Newbury who is part of the decorating team (and much else) who spent Christmas with her son Charles and his family in New Jersey. Perhaps, Charles will have gone to the Lord by the time you read this. That’s the ultimate example of mixed emotions: the obscenity of a parent burying a child, but also the conviction about where that child is, especially when that child’s life reflected so much of the Lord’s own passion.

Without getting too dramatic about it, as we move into the New Year, are you giving any thought to the gift of time? Last week, we received our 2018 calendars (thanks to Kraeer Funeral Homes and Peter Manfredi.)
I also received a special calendar from Annie which she made using some of her great photographs. Those are the ones I will use.

Then there is the stack of calendars from various good works and agencies that I have supported in the past. Maybe they hope by sending me a calendar, I will remain alive to keep supporting their special missions and good works. I guess that wouldn’t be such a bad deal.

Still, when I’ve finished with the humor and perhaps slight cynicism, the question remains for me: What have I done with my time, what am I doing with my time, what do I hope to do with my time tomorrow?

The Lord and I have been having that conversation in the evening when I sit outside on a bench while Bubba makes his evening constitutional round. Bubba has it timed to the exact length of a rosary. We used to walk it together, but time makes a difference.

I can see anywhere from 20 to 30 airplanes crisscross the sky in every direction. I marvel at the people and the system that keeps them all separated and find myself praying the journeys of those people will be safe and happy. All those people, all those separate lives with all their agendas... I said the Lord and I talked, and it comes down to the moment; what am I doing with this moment, each moment?

I look around and I think I see many in our faith family who have exactly the same approach. Perhaps it’s because we are a little older and frenzy doesn’t seem to mark our lives as much as seeking a friend, being a friend. That would be a nice way to sum up my 2018 as I write a Twitch at the turn of 2019.

Here’s hoping, In Jesus,
sign frjim

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