Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
Week after week, there are few things more than writing the Twitch ahead of time that remind me about how we never know what is coming. Somehow, I must write about things that haven’t happened as though they had. I can just hear someone out there saying, “Poor baby. If that’s the only problem he’s got, he should be doing jigs down the center aisle.” Trust me, you’ll never see that happening.

Of course, I’m thinking about the great night we had/will have with Phil Coulter and Andy Cooney. Presumption? Judging from the distances people travelled to join us, I expect the Irishmen and women who formed the company did not disappoint with their performance.

We know Andy from past years and having him teamed up with Phil is a special event indeed. It will be (was) a personal pleasure to see ‘live’ Phil’s piano wizardry.

I’m glad we could host them, because as I have said in the past, things like this do nothing but help build our community. At the risk of being a bit crass sounding, we don’t make money on this. We hope to break even. We do it because it’s another good way of strengthening the sense of community. When we do that, we are strengthened in our fundamental mission: our ability to show the face of the Lord in our unique way. That’s why we are here. That’s why we gather.

Therefore, how greatly indebted we are to Mark and Noreen Rohleder, the proprietors of Waxy O’Connor’s Irish Pub and Eatery.  They help us ‘gather’ in style. Once again, they supplied the dinner for the first 200 guests - gratis! The food they serve every day at the pub on 17th Street is just as good. Their gift blesses us in ways that are more than gastronomic.
Last week we began our outreach for ABCD, the ArchBishop’s Charities and Development appeal (a week early because of the big weekend we’re having now.) Our 2018 goal is $105,776. Last Sunday you pledged/ gave $20,000. We’ve got 85+K to go. We’ll do it!

The more salient tidbit is that any money we raise over our goal, comes back to the parish. The flip side is that if we are not able to make that goal, then we must subsidize our contribution from other sources to make our goal. The Church of Miami needs a dependable base on which to do our budgeting.

We play an important part in that work by meeting our share of the goal. It’s not an arbitrary number. As I’ve said to you at various times, I am personally more encouraged in recent years by the way the budget/assessments of the Archdiocese are being figured.

It’s more reality based than it used to be years ago when I had the feeling that your goal was based more on your zip code than the realities of your parish finances. Sometimes, that might be a starting point, but in my last parish we had people from 40 zip codes. Anyway, now things are very equitable taking many factors into the process of trying to be fair.

I doubt many of you lay awake at night wondering about the intrigues of diocesan finance. I hope occasionally you are awake thinking about how we stay faithful to the mission Jesus gives us about taking care of the needs of the poor, hungry, homeless... ABCD and the work of your parish community is one way. We need to do more than checkbook Christianity. But that check sure can help prime the pump to fund the actions of your church. Let’s write our checks as generously as we can.

In Jesus,
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