Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
No words will express the gratitude I’ve been feeling every since the descent of the Irish upon the parish in the persons of Phil Coulter, Andy Cooney, and their gifted troop. Then add to that the Shepherd’s Pie from the Kitchens of Waxy O’Connor’s and you have the makings of a great time. And yes, it was had by all.

Thank you Mark and Noreen Rohleder, (Waxy’s shepherds) for your kindness in providing a great meal. Someone even made a couple of special ‘tubes’ of the leftover dinner which I thoroughly enjoyed on the weekend.

You wouldn’t think that those crazy Latins Sue and Scott Martinez would get into the Irish thing so well, but they brought their generosity into setting up the kitchen and shuffling trays of food all around.

Judy Fisher decorated with Chuck Wobby and Ann Murry. Let me rephrase that. Chuck and Ann weren’t the decoration. They helped decorate along with another group of good Irish hands.

Among other things Nancy Adams helped at the doors to the church for the concert and Connie Reed ran the entry mazes with her usual expertise. (She roped son Michael into the gig this time.)

Patrick O’Dea brought a tremendous group of kids from Thomas Aquinas HS who helped serve, clean up, and lowered the average age of attendees by a remarkable degree. They joined our own Patrick Chabot in the project. Pat O’Dea also was also a good p.r. man, getting the word out through the Ceili Club. Charley Makey, Don Lee, Al Ferzacca and Jim Leeds manned the bar with grace and generosity.
You know writing a list of names when you’re trying to be grateful is a tricky business because you always know you left someone out. If it’s any consolation at this stage of my life, I have a hard time remembering my own name before noon.

I thanked Annie at one of the Masses last Sunday. She tried to slide under a pew but even as small as she is that didn’t work. After she let me know she was gunning for me, she also told me that every one of the entertainers found a moment to thank her personally beginning with Andy and Phil. They did it casually one-by-one over the course of the evening. Thanks do mean a lot. It helps the ‘thankee’ to continue in loving service, not because they needed to be thanked, but be-cause an atmosphere of gratitude makes any task easier.

Another nice memory of last weekend is getting ready to start the 11:00 and Mary Kennedy is doing the announcements, which included the Mass intention for her own 90th birthday. Peter M starts with a note or two and we all burst into Happy Birthday before the opening hymn. A woman near me said to the person next to her, “Who are they singing for?” “Her,” came the response, pointing at Mary. “No, it’s not. No way she is 90.”

Have you checked out Connie Reed or Bill Fuccillo? I tell you folk, it’s the St. Sebastian holy water they are drinking. And people say they thought Ponce de Leon found the fountain of youth in St. Augustine... I’d like to think that the good stuff is here in Lauderdale, but I suppose the City Commission has a lot more work to do to restore the “redirected” funds of the water and sewer trust. What do I know???... Thank you, Lord, for what I do know. This is a great parish.

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