Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
Today is special because...


Our good friend and periodic parishioner, Archbishop James P. Keleher, is confirming three of our young members. Yanelis Gacita, Ariana Guerin and Eavan Murphy will hear him say simply, “Be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit.” Then he will mark their foreheads with Chrism, the perfumed oil that symbolizes a new strength God gives them. Ariana and Eavan have been faithful altar servers for many years and we rejoice with them as they continue their faith-walks.

Archbishop Keleher is the Archbishop Emeritus of Kansas City, Kansas, but you wouldn’t know that ‘emeritus’ is supposed to mean ‘retired.’ After he confirms, he will lead us to the second reason for why this is a special day, namely...


Immediately after 11:00 a.m. Mass we shall bless our new prayer garden dedicated to Our Lady, Star of the Sea.

When we added our new bridal area with its wonderful additional restrooms, you may remember that on the outside wall facing south, there was a decorative molding that looked like a picture frame waiting to be filled. I looked for something that might bless all the comings and goings of Port Everglades. What better than Our Lady, Star of the Sea? We talked to Paul Pickel at C. Pickel Studios and the mosaic picturing Our Lady was born. Lyn Durham did the design and the artisans began work.

The only problem was, we began to think, who would see it on the south side? I was talking about that in the office, and Cynthia said, “What about over there?” She was pointing to the ugly side wall of the maintenance shop. (Look at it now!)

THEN, along comes Chris O’Connor. He told me he wanted to do something to honor his parents, Pat and Nelly O’Connor who were faithful snowbirds. They had gone to the Lord within weeks of each other in 2015. I was hesitant at first because I wanted to tell him about the Moasic but I didn’t want to get him into something I knew would be costly. His response was immediate and complete. In fact, I nearly drove him nuts because I didn’t move it fast enough.

Anyway, now you see it, thanks to Chris’s gener¬osity and the very obvious love and appreciation he had for his parents. You can understand what kind of people they were when you look at the little program we’ve done for today.
Rob McIntyre of RAM Designs drew up the plans for the Mosaic Area - aka - the O’Connor Prayer Garden, a new church sign and AND a preliminary new kitchen design. (One out of three; we’re on our way.)

Then we needed a contractor and, with the help of my brother, Pete, the Lord sent Alex Rodriguez of CRR General Contractors. His attention to detail was wonderful. He searched all over to find just the right lighting for the mural’s frame. Between permits, pavers, persistence and patience, he made it happen.

With the input of Matt Keysers, Charlie Patel did the landscaping, including driving all the way to Homestead one day because he thought he could get more beautiful junipers there than what was available locally.
The whole project has been touched by good people and a good heart. What a nice way to begin the Month of Mary. Thanks, Chris.

In Jesus,
sign frjim

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