Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
What a word: Remain! Jesus tell his disciples to remain. The dictionary says, "to remain means to stay behind; be left behind; endure, abide, last."

Fr. Donagh O’Shea OP, remarked, “A favorite word in John's gospel and letters is 'abide' (or the rather colorless translation 'remain'): abiding in God, abiding in Christ, abiding in his word.... I counted thirty-seven. To abide is not to be a visitor, it is even more than being a friend, it is to be at home.”

In other words, Jesus told his disciples, ‘be at home in me. Be so comfortable with the idea of me being around that I become a part of the very air you breathe.’

I guess sometimes there is a fine line between having someone so close that it motivates everything you do, and maybe also running the risk of familiarity; taking someone for granted. I think I want to take that risk. This kind of remaining or abiding doesn’t mean you’re a leftover. Quite the contrary. It means they (the disciples) and we have been put in place for the very specific purpose of being Jesus for all we meet.

confirmandi18Last Sunday, when we gathered to bless our new shrine in honor of Our Lady, Star of the Sea, I was so happy that many people who normally go to Mass Saturday evening or at 8:30 Sunday morning came to the Mass at 11:00.

We had the great pleasure of Archbishop Keleher confirming three of our young women, Yanelis Gacita, Eavan Murphy and Ariana Guerin. They are pictured here with the Archbishop and their sponsors.

We all processed (more or less) out to the shrine after Mass and the young women became the hospitality corps as they passed out the little programs we prepared to honor Pat and Nelly O’Connor in the shrine provided by their son, Chris O’Connor.
Nothing like puffing the newly empowered members to work in a noble cause.

Charlie Patel, our landscape man for the shrine, came early Sunday morning to replace some of the flowers that had been eaten by the iguana(s). What a guy. (Our next job will be to find the offending interloper(s) and arrange for safe passage to iguana heaven.)

Our great contractor, Alex Rodriguez – CRR General Contractors, joined us with his wife Liz, as did Rob McIntyre of RAM design who drew up the plans for the area. Paul Pickel and Lyn Durham who created the mosaic of Our Lady itself, were there in spirit.

With all the elements coming together so well somehow the word “remain” took on a lot more meaning. I hope in the years to come, the place will always have a special blessing for those who sail through Port Everglades, and those who visit our parish.

May we all be constantly abiding in the Lord, moved by his Spirit to not simply remain, but remain in His Love,    
In Him,
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