Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
“Dunamis!” - the Greek word for power. Dynamism, dynamic, dynamite...
Remember last week, Ascension Day, we heard from the Acts of the Apostles? Early on, in verse 7 to be exact, Luke quoted Jesus as saying to his disciples, “You will receive power from the Holy Spirit.”
Ever since, I’ve been thinking about the word and what it means.
Unconsciously, at least ‘til now, I think I’ve tended to look on Pentecost as the feast that winds up the Lent-Passion-Death-Rising-Eastertide cycle. Next week we add Holy Trinity and then Corpus Christi, but I thought of those feasts as sort of add-ons. Pentecost really closed out the cycle, I thought...
Now, I’ve been contending with... you guessed it:

The Feast of Pentecost is anything but a closing. It’s the beginning! Jesus ascended. He did His job. Now it falls to His disciples to take up the reins and begin plowing new fields for the sowing of the seeds of his love.
What’s amazing is that he asked people like us to do it; weak people, sacred people, seemingly incompetent people, people, as I said, like us. What will it take for the disciples? Where do they look for help? Who will succeed them in the unlikely case they ac¬tually do pull it off? What do you mean, Are we part of that family tree? What can possibly equip us?
To add insult to injury, or perhaps hope to the unimaginable, instead of calming and quietly shifting into “ordinary time” in a couple weeks, when things should be getting back to a ‘normal’ pace, what we will be hearing is how the act of remembering the story of what Jesus said and did, became the means by which the disciples came to understand what they were supposed to be doing. “Do this in memory of me.” Aha! So that’s what he meant when he said, “( - flll in the blank - ),” or that’s what we are supposed to do now that we recall what He did. It’s all one big ongoing story, and we are the current actors in the unfolding Gospel Game of Challenge...
But don’t forget that bit from last week, ultimately, the Good News is, “I am with you always.” So, guess who is lighting the fuse.
By now, I hope you’re not shell-shocked by all these little explosions. Sometimes they are not so little. As I think back on my priesthood, (as this week’s Friday night gathering has pushed me into doing), I realize that it truly has been the work of the Holy Spirit all along. So often, my prayer has been, “Lord, don’t let me get in the way.” God forbid that smacks of any false modesty. Trust me. I really meant it. After all, you never know when your seemingly clever ideas become someone else’s...
In the Lord,
sign frjim

P.S. Not only was each BOOM a different color, but also a different print style. After one or two, did you stop looking? Having the Spirit means never stop looking.

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