Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! Thank you!

I could continue those words over and over – in fact 348 times on this page, but there would simply not be enough room to cover the gratitude I feel.

I hope that these words will do for the moment for all those near and far, my family, old parishioners, faithful St. Sebites (new word), and especially the folk who worked so hard to pull off the greatest anniversary bash anyone could hope for.

I spent Memorial Day reading each and every card, often twice. You said a lot of nice things, but for me it was proof positive that the Holy Spirit can use anything to accomplish the Father’s will for us. I told some of you my ongoing prayer is, “Jesus, just don’t let me get in the way.” Sounds like He has been hearing my prayer... and I’m glad I didn’t realize it fully, or I could become insufferable, thinking that it was me instead of him.

I still don’t have a full picture of all that people did for the celebration. Frank Krauser said I’d probably never know it all. What I do know is that the Pastoral Council really was the driving force. And I also found out that not only did Luke and Maddie Facarazzo loan us some palms from their operation, but they also bought all those yellow rose (golden, get it) table arrangements. Charlotte Newbury did lightning hemming of new robes for the servers. It’s risky business recalling names, but the image of Judy Fisher being everywhere I looked and Chuck Wobby being omnipresent right up until the end washing dishes... those stand out.

The food came from Kelly’s Landing. I’ve been eating Debbie’s food since I got here, and they ca-tered here before. Remember the breakfast for the sisters when they went back to New York? This time they sure brought some great stuff which isn’t on their ordinary menu. (Annie didn’t do a stuffed mushroom, alas.) I guess maybe you don’t do Swe¬dish meatballs in a New England ‘Lobstah’ house op¬eration. I’ll have to think up another event where they can continue their culinary prowess. How about the dedication of the kitchen?
Five of my six siblings were here with three spouses. They all enjoyed meeting y’all. On Saturday Pat and Cathy went out and brought home a fabulous BBQ dinner which we shared after Mass on Saturday night. It’s a long story, but as it turned out, they couldn’t go to a local emporium which was in high demand. So... off to Publix. I will unabashedly tell you that Plumrose ribs are fantastic. So is the Jack Daniels pulled-pork. We got good old turnip greens which were great, beans, mac and cheese, etc. There is a good chance that anything would have tasted good because of the company, like Friday after the Mass, but as with Kelly’s, so with Publix’s best, the food stood on its own – simply fixed with love.

During dinner at the rectory on Saturday, the gods of Comcast amazingly let Cathy hook up with my San Diegan brother, Dennis who was the only sib who couldn’t come. (I found out later from Frank that he sent some bucks to augment the generosity of the Men’s and Women’s groups.) But there he was, Live on Saturday Night from San Die¬go. He partied with us for over half an hour – thanks to Cathy.

The North Carolina contingent left early Sunday morning. Bubba was the only one who got up to say good-bye, and despite the weather, they were all home safely before night fall beating Alberto. Patty left amidst a deluge a few hours later, insisting that she was not a hero and would stop if she needed to. (Twice as it turned out.)

You heard my best friend, Jack, sing at Mass. We were laughing, because the last time I heard him really do more than a little humming and strumming was when I was at his house in Planta¬tion for Irma of happy (ha) memory. Jack and Annie Gardner completed our family at dinner Saturday night. For these quick thoughts, I did save the best for last. Thank you, Annie, (349) for standing up the whole thing. With friends like this!!!! That’s why I’m still here, as always,

In Jesus,
sign frjim
P.S. Happy Birthday, Patty.

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