Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
Last Sunday, I floated the idea of having one weekend where we would have just one Mass so that all the sunbirds (year-rounders) could have a chance to meet. We get pretty rut-bound and never shall the five o’clockers meet the 11 folk, much less 8:30. The idea actually got a round of applause. The more I thought about it, however, the more I worried that a lot of the peacocks (weekend folk who are passing through and took the time to find Mass on their way coming or going) would get messed up. SOOOO... (and here comes the reason why I get the big bucks):

This year the feast is a Holy Day of Obligation.

SO... Let’s have one Eucharistic celebration at 6:00 p.m. followed by a Sunbird Party. I’ll spring for the food if you’ll show up to eat it.

I know some will be on vacation, but no date is perfect. I’m going to adjust my vacation to be here and I look forward to the fun. The Pastoral Council, I’m sure, will pitch in as they always do and we’ll make this as effortless and enjoyable as we can. Special thanks to the bunch who applauded the idea last Sunday.

As you know, the Twitch usually gets written on the Tuesday before you read it. So today, I began my day with the joyous news that all the kids and the coach got out of the cave in Thailand.

I spent a lot of moments in prayer for them over the last 17 days. It made me think about so many things we put on our ongoing prayer lists. Sometimes we wonder if the prayers will be heard – and WHEN.

There are also times when I find myself saying, “If there were just enough of us praying for this or that, we’d be heard for sure.” God forbid there is some qualified theologian somewhere who happens to stumble across that idea. Of course, a single voice crying in the wilderness will be heard as well as the multitudes that could be crying out.

Still, when you think about a large unified prayer, you also realize that people can be drawn together by common concern and common purpose. Our unified prayer is training for unified work. Until we have that dynamic in gear, it will always be hard to bring about care, or relief, or change. More than 100 people took part in the Thai rescue effort. One gave his life.

If it takes a crisis to make us come together, and it usually does, then thank God for the reminder that one is a very lonely number.

Today’s second reading from Ephesians uses the words ‘we’ and ‘us,’ ten times and throws in ‘our,’ and plural ‘your,’ three times as well. That’s a lot of push on community.

We are going to be hearing parts of Ephesians for the next six weeks. It’s a very powerful letter with its challenge for us to reimagine Church. If you want to hear better on the next six Sundays, sit down and read Ephesians as a whole. I think you’ll be surprised at what you remember when you hear it proclaimed at Mass in the coming weeks.

One of the later readings includes the idea that we are brought together in what some scholars refer to as the seven unities: church, Spirit, hope, one Lord, faith, and baptism; and the one God. (Eph: 4:4–6) We’ll see.

“Dear Jesus, help us move on to the next need in unity of heart and mind, because it sure makes the work easier if we can do it together.”

With gratitude for your recent prayers, and the assurance that I do not want to jitterbug when I walk past a microwave, I’m yours
In Jesus,
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