Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
Once again, this is one of those marvelous moments when I’m writing the Twitch VERY early, August 31st to be exact. I won’t be here (hopefully) next week so we need to get the stuff ready. Had I thought about it I could have asked someone to write it as I have in the past, but it’s not fair to give so short a time. Anyway, I’ve got through the first paragraph.

I’m thinking about the last nine days and all that was packed into them; happy, sad, disgraceful, and you wonder what on earth the next nine days could bring.

I said last week, apropos of reflecting on losing friends, that I would make a short list of people and do a little check-up on how I have been treating their friendship. I don’t want to take them for granted. The words of Jesus, “Whatever you do for the least of these, you do for me,” come to mind. I’m thinking that it’s not just about the poor. It’s about all the relationships we have, and most especially about the ones that sustain us.

So, no matter what the last nine days have produced, one comforting thought is that Jesus is in the middle of it if we remember to let Him in.

One of the important dates in our parish life is the


If you haven’t registered your children yet, call the parish office. 954-524-9344.

We have a very small group of children normally, but that makes it all the more special. Annie and her special team know what they are doing and understand so well, that it’s not what you say
but how you act that has the best impression on kids.

The kids begin learning with their parents. If you haven’t been to a baptism in a while, check out the numerous sites that offer you the text of the Rite. As I celebrate a baptism, I’m always taken with the idea that it’s all about the parents, and THEIR faith. All the questions to the parents; “Do YOU realize what you’re doing?” “Do YOU reject Satan?“ “Do YOU believe in God, Father... Son... Holy Spirit?” Is it YOUR will that we baptize this child in the faith we have all expressed with you?”

By this time the parents are ready to say, “Yes, Yes, Yes, do it! Why do you think we came?”

It’s fun. More importantly, the rite makes it clear that the parents are giving the best gift they could give, faith. I‘m not talking just about ‘faith-noun’, e.g. all the truths we believe, but ‘faith VERB’, how we go about living our faith, ...AND being a persistent pleasant presence of the Lord Himself. (Those three p’s were how I described Cynthia last week.)

Sometimes, you’ll hear parents say something like, “We are going to let the child make up her/his own mind about faith when they grow up.” I’ve always said I wonder if they also say, “I don’t know if my kid is going to be a nuclear scientist, or a sanitation worker, so they don’t have to do their math homework and they don’t have to take the garbage out after dinner.”

Of course kids are going to grow up and make their own faith decisions. We need to give them the resources to make good decisions, despite our sins. Parents are key and our parents are the best. Register your kids and we ALL promise to help you by being the best faith environment we can be for them.    

In Jesus,
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