Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
So, what do you do on your Diamond Jubilee? Well, if you are the Church of Miami, you gather the folk together and acknowledge the blessings God has given us. Central to those blessings are the people who make up the Church of Miami, saints and sinners.

Annie has listed some of the events of the coming year here in the bulletin.

Next Sunday, October 7th, the feast of Our lady of the Holy Rosary, is the official anniversary of the beginning of the Church of Miami. Bishop Coleman F. Carroll came from Pittsburgh and was formally installed as our first bishop on October 7, 1958. That made St. Mary's Church a Cathedral. Ten years later, we became an Archdiocese, sort of a mother church for the six other dioceses in Florida.

As part of our celebration, Archbishop Wenski invited each parish to send two representatives who will be honored for their service to the Church.

How do you make a choice like that? In the back of my mind I remembered the task the apostles had picking a successor for Judas. Acts 1:23 tells us they narrowed it down to two good men, Justus and Matthias. Then they "cast lots." Casting lots was something like throwing dice or drawing straws.

Casting lots are referenced throughout the Bible in many different circumstances, a way of trying to discern the will of God. Probably there were all kinds of ways of doing it. (You didn't need to know that, but I got curious and looked it up.)

Anyway, the task was to find two persons who typified the great folk of St. Sebastian. The problem was that there were (and are) many, many people who would all be great candidates.
I asked around for suggestions, particularly the members of our parish Pastoral Council. What touched me was how their suggestions mirrored each other. Any one of their suggestions would have filled the bill. Ultimately, there certainly was a consensus around the two people who will represent us, Vito (aka BILL) Fuccillo and Judy Fisher. The Spirit did the work and I didn't have to cast lots! (I probably would have thrown out my arm trying.)

When we gather next Sunday with the other people representing all the parishes and missions of our Archdiocese, I will look around and see a whole bunch of 'Bills' and 'Judys.' That's when I know the saints are going to win every time, no matter how intrusive the sinners, or more to the point, the sins, can be.

Speaking of good things happening, I want to welcome Father Patrick Kroteh from the Diocese of Gbarnga, Liberia. It has always been a privilege to take part in the annual Mission Appeal of the Archdiocese as we invite people from all over to make us aware of the life of the Church around the country and around the world. Without thinking about it twice, I already know before it happens that, as usual, you are being generous to the appeal that Father Patrick brings us.

I've often said that we have to be very careful about falling back on "check-book Christianity" as the only way we respond. I've also said, let's keep it up until we find ways of going to Liberia - or wherever - itself!

Don't forget that October is a great time to renew your rosary devotion. Bubba and I pray the mysteries every night, walking around the parking lot. (Actually, he walks and I roll but we end up home together.) Ask Mary to bless our Church. In other words, ask her to bless us.

In Jesus,
sign frjim

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