Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
For a lot of us, being 60 would be a happy surprise, but that's what we can all claim today as we celebrate the Archdiocese of Miami's 60th. I wrote about diamonds last week and I just want you to know that each of you puts a special sparkle on the disco ball of life.

And no, I don't want anything. As a matter of fact, I want to thank you A LOT for the generous response you made to the Mission Appeal collec¬tion last week.

I know Father Patrick who came and spoke to us is very happy and grateful. Enclosed in 108 envelopes was over $4,500 for the Church in Gbarnga, Liberia. As a matter of fact, that was more than the parish collection of $3,686.) I expect more will come in this week. With Father Patrick's visit we could meet face-to-face with needs and concerns beyond our own. I think that always turns out to be a good thing.

(Annie reminded me that the Mission appeal always does well. She also told me about the time that Father Pat got Sister Mary Rowley to make the appeal for retired religious. Annie said that collection broke records, (but then if you knew Sister Mary, you'd know why.)

We don't talk money very often, but I will now. The thing I ardently believe is that precisely because we are generous, God will always be very generous to us. Okay. That's the money talk.

Shifting gears big time, I'd like to talk about October being the month of the holy rosary. I'm pretty sure I've talked about this before, but since it has been on my mind I'm thinking maybe God wants me to go there again.

The thought that always grabs me is how insightful and pastoral Pope St John Paul II was when he created the Luminous mysteries. They filled in the blank between the childhood of Jesus (Joyful) and his passion, death (Sorrowful) and resurrection (Glorious).

His public life and ministry from his baptism in the Jordan, to his unscheduled shifting into action at Cana when Mary pushed him, to his preaching of the good news, to his transfiguration with Moses and Elijah and finally the gift of himself in Eucharist.

I think the name "Luminous" is pretty clever in saying that the way He lived his life is an "illumination" for us. We live out each day in the light of Christ and his Holy Spirit. Keeping focused on where we are going takes light and concentration. As Jesus went, so we go.

Shifting again, I just want to once more thank Frank Krauser for finding Con Breslin, the carpenter who is doing such a great job on refinishing the doors of our Main Sanctuary. (I don't say Church in talking about the building. I say Main Sanctuary because WE are the Church. What can I tell you? It's my thing...) The Men's Club is sponsoring the project and thanks to them all.

Originally, we thought it might be possible to refinish some of the doors in place, but now I understand that Con (for Conor) is taking them all to his shop. He's also going to see about realigning the southeast doors. (That's where we added the ramp.) As the building ages and shifts, things like that door frame 'spreading' go with the territory. Of course, I should be an expert when it comes to 'spreading with age.'

I have no more gears into which to shift, so I'll quit a few lines early. As always...

In Jesus,
sign frjim

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