Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
I must begin this Twitch with thanks to the Lord and all the people who helped us celebrate the special days of Holy Week. We had many visitors, (SRO on Easter Sunday morning at 8:30 and 11:00,) but I think it’s only the regular family members who would really be able to appreciate all the special touches.

Most visibly, the floral arrangements were spectacular thanks to Father Del, Scott and Sue Martinez (the Martini’s) and Ann Murry. Our own Patricio came in to run the lift.

I also want to thank Simon Rave, Ricardo Gomez, Genna Ambat and Bryan Gipps for serving so well at the Triduum, Holy Thursday, Good Friday and the Easter Vigil. Simon and Rick really outdid themselves when they helped me get off the floor on Good Friday. What will I do when they are away in college next year? Ah well, the Lord will provide. I don’t make enough fuss about our altar servers and they are special. We’re at the point where they read my mind and know what I want before I even ask.

Peter Manfredi and the brass musicians added another wonderful layer to the great festive cake that was ours and continues to be ours.

Calling Annie Gardner the ringmaster says a lot about how things work because of her, but that might make the rest of us lions to be tamed, so instead I’d rather call her the orchestra leader. I thought about ballet director, and then I had a vision of the hippopotami in tutus in Walt Disney’s Fantasia... So just let me say a big thanks to Annie once again.

And why do we go to all this trouble? At the risk of stating the obvious, it is, of course, because the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus is at the core of who and what we are.

His Resurrection brings us to today: Divine Mercy Sunday. In his third year as pope in 1980, St. John Paul ll wrote his encyclical, Dives et Misericordia - “Rich in Mercy.” The detail that he wrote it longhand himself in Polish has always touched me. It couldn’t have been more personally produced. Mercy became a very strong current throughout his years as our Holy Father.

It meant so much to him that he designated the first Sunday after Easter to be “Divine Mercy Sunday.”

Last year I quoted part of the encyclical including this thought:

The Church also tries to practice mercy by follow¬ing the teachings of Jesus Christ. It must be noted that "in reciprocal relationships between persons merciful love is never a unilateral act or process," since "the one who gives is always also a beneficiary."

During Lent I asked you to see if you could discover something about Easter that you hadn’t noticed before, however small. Well, my discovery is reflected in the previous paragraph: "the one who gives is always also a beneficiary."

I said that the line of the year is, “I love you, too.” Big Emphasis on “TOO.” We all believe that God loves us. We’ve heard that’s since we were kids. But when you stop, and say ‘I love you, too:’ it makes my belief in God’s love very personal. To be able to say “too,” presumes without reams of theological studies, that I just know God loves me.

That’s not a bad Easter present at all.

Sincere thanks for the Easter cards you sent to me and Annie and the staff. Your kindness makes working here a true joy.

In Our Risen Lord !!!!!!!
sign frjim

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