Twilight Twitches

Twilight Twitches

fetscherTwenty-third Sunday of Ordinary Time
Dear Family, 
So why is it we all take off on Labor Day?  It’s supposed to be the day when we honor people who labor hard for a living.  After a lot of hard work a day off, with pay, doesn’t seem too big a deal, does it.  The history of the labor movement in this country says otherwise, and a lot of folk my age  can remember the many labor-management  battles over the years.  As I was still chewing on the “Do justice” theme of last week’s readings, I thought about how long justice was coming for many workers.  Fifty-five years ago, my dad worked for Rodi Boat Company here in Lauderdale for a fraction of the salaries that John Rodi was paying  his workers in his Chicago boat yard.  The  difference was a union.  Union was a dirty word in Flor- ida in those days. 

fetscherTwenty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time  
Dear Family,
I must apologize to “Tennessee” our service dog -in-training. I referred to ‘her’ as ‘him’ in my letter two weeks ago. As befitting her great disposition, she never said a word. Don’t forget, we’re having a party when we can all pet her once the training is over. Until then, whenever she has her training vest on, we resist petting her.

As usual, I’m writing this Twitch about five days before you read it. As I looked at today’s Scriptures, the refrain for our Psalm response caught my eye. “One who does justice will live in the presence of the Lord.”

fetscherTwenty-first Sunday in Ordinary Time 
Dear Family,

Are you praying about the kitchen? Did you get around to reading Chapter Six of John’s gospel? … not necessarily in that order!

Marius considering kitchen options.

Marius has definitely considered the first question, judging by his affinity for icing. I’m not sure what being covered in icing means, however, so you probably need to keep up your prayers.

As for John’s Gospel, boy, what a powerful five Sundays we have had. We pictured in our minds the phenomena of mass feeding, commanding nature to become still, walking on water. Then Jesus pushes us to the incredible: to challenge us to believe that we must “eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood.”

fetscherTwentieth Sunday in Ordinary Time 
Dear Family,

“Everyone gets to be young once,” said the pretty card. Then I opened it and it said, “Your turn’s over.” I shouldn’t be laughing but for some reason, it’s one of those cards that keeps me chuckling.

Thanks for all the good birthday wishes you sent in one form or another. There certainly is nothing special about 74. Perhaps I’m surprised to have made it. However, Sunday evening, when my family gathered, my brother Pete announced that he planned to go to 100... retire at 70 and direct deposit Social Security. Pete and his wife Carolyn are very sensible eaters so they well may make 100. I doubt that the cream cheese cake which I made for our event is on his diet very often. All things considered, I suspect that if I don’t make 100, I’ll have a smile on my face as I check out.

Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time
fetscherDear Family,

With a good deal of prayer as well as hope, I may be getting the very best birthday present I have ever received in my long, if not so illustrious seventy-four years: the return of our wonderful Main Sanctuary to an air-conditioned state!!!

We have a new air-conditioning company (family), A.M.I. Dennis and Corey Mullins have my admiration because of the patience they had in working through the fun and games of the permitting department of our fair city.

Eighteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time 
fetscherDear Family,

I am almost afraid to put this in print, but next Sunday, with the help of all the angels and saints, we will celebrate the Lord’s Supper in the Main Sanctuary which will have been cooled down to a heavenly breeze by the Trane AirConditioning units with their tie downs which the City of Fort Lauderdale finally deemed suitable for use in our fair city.

There is a sainted man in our community, one Brian McMahon, whose prior claim to fame was expertise with brautwurst during the Oktoberfest. He now has become our chief negotiator with powers-that-be. Because of him our exile in St. Sebastian-on-the-Prairie will come to an end. (I did have two mothers of the bride in the wings on reserve to sic on the Building and Zoning Department. But it wasn’t because I doubted the skills of our chief negotiator.)

Seventeenth Sunday of Ordinary Time
fetscherDear Family,
Last August, I wrote here that I was considering adding a kitchen to McDonnell Parish Center. I had some good input from some wise people including our best culinary event coordinator, and a good architect. The Archbishop gave us permission to build if we have the money in the bank.
Last January I wrote:  I’d like you to think about and pray about is the possible kitchen for Msgr. McDonnell Hall. I have been talking about it for a while. I have received funds for the kitchen and one generous parishioner has pledged to match gifts up to $100.000.

Sixteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time
fetscherDear Family,
Our prayer to avert storms is working pretty good when the third storm this year, Colette, doesn’t even bother forming near us much less reach hurricane strength. Would we be having storms if we were not saying the prayer? I have no need to test the theory.

Listen closely: “Help us to prepare our hearts and our homes…”Through our prayer we ask God to put us in the best circumstance possible to deal with whatever we have to deal with. It reminds me of the spirit surrounding the Sacrament of the Sick. “Lord, help this person deal with whatever is confronting them, and heal them in whatever way best helps them in their journey to you.”

Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time 
fetscherDear Family,

I just finished reading the Twitches that Linda and Frank and Nancy and Annie wrote while I was on vacation. I thought all of them were just great. The most moving part of reading them was getting a sense that we have a community that works. Jesus is at the heart of this community and you can see it in what your sisters and brother wrote.

Did you read them? I hope so. I hope that - like me - you’d come away from those expressions of parish life feeling very proud and pleased. My heartfelt thanks to our four great Sebastianites. (I just made that word up for the occasion.) Guest “Twitches” definitely have a future.

Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time 
Dear Family,

Happy Independence Day weekend! It has been an interesting few weeks at St. Sebastian, and I for one will be thrilled to welcome Monsignor Jim home on Monday. Just in case you haven’t heard, the majority of the air conditioning system in our church building breathed its last several weeks ago. We are in the process of replacing two 20 ton units. The company has the units ready to install. As this bulletin goes to print, it looks like we are ready to begin the permitting process with the City of Fort Lauderdale. Hopefully the project will proceed quickly from this point. In the meantime, my heartfelt thanks to those of you who helped to make Monsignor McDonnell Parish Hall a suitable temporary worship space, (Patricio and Peter, especially) and to those who spread the word and stood out in the sun (Nancy and Frank, among others) pointing folks in the right direction.

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