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June 21, 2015

Twelfth Sunday of Ordinary Time 
Dear Family,

Monsignor asked me to write a “Twitch” for the bulletin while he is away on vacation. Of course I said, “No problem.” But little did I know that this is not an easy task. There is so much to say, but where do I start and finish? First and foremost, I am a CATHOLIC and proud of it. I’m also an active member of St. Sebastian Parish and proud of it. This Parish has meant a lot to me to help me continue to try to be a better Catholic.

I had the benefit of an all Catholic education: Catholic grade school, a Jesuit high school (boarding school by the way) and the University of Dayton, a Marianist school. I was blessed to grow up in a loving Catholic home. We went to Mass every Sunday and I saw my parents practicing their Faith everyday. There were Catholics everywhere I looked in my family, friends and classmates. I didn’t have much choice other than to be a Catholic. That was until I hit the real world. I served in the US Army as a Lieutenant for three years and then went into the world of business. All this time I was challenged in my faith. Thank God I had a good foundation to help me. Many of us can relate to this story, but today I’m concerned as to where we are going in our country and the world. I started by saying I was “Catholic and proud of it” but I don’t think many of the Catholics, and Christians for that matter, are inclined to stand up and tell anyone they are proud of their beliefs. Thank God we have a Pope Francis. I think he is helping to make Catholics proud and as such bringing more Catholics back to the Church. But we all have to do our job as Catholics to encourage all to be better Christians. We have a great Parish here at St. Sebastian’s and we should be telling everyone just that. We can do this by the example we lead in our daily lives.

When Annie asked me to teach Religious Education to thirteen year olds, to prepare them for Confirmation, I thought she had made the wrong choice with me. But when she told me that Maddie Facarazzo would be my co-teacher, I was in.

I have to admit that Annie did make the right choice but for me, not just for the kids. I have honestly gotten way more out of teaching these kids than I ever thought I would. Maddie and I have been so proud of all these young Catholics that have received the Sacrament of Confirmation, and for what they have given us in return.

I’ve also served as President of the Men’s Club of St. Sebastian’s. Now this is a job that is very gratifying because of the good men in the club and the good work that we accomplish because of the efforts of these men. The Italian Night dinner, held every January, brings the parish together for a great evening of good food, entertainment and good camaraderie. The men (and yes, some of the ladies) come together to make the evening happen. The results have been an increase in revenues each year.

I am also privileged to serve on the Parish Council. Our mission is to advise the good Monsignor on aspects of activities going on in the Parish. We also serve as a sounding board for ideas that are put forth to better serve the needs of the parish. I assure you that Monsignor is serious about wanting St. Sebastian’s to be the very best with its Liturgy, its facilities and its programs.

Another thing I do to be a good Catholic is to serve Mass when needed, to be a Eucharistic Minister, and a Lector. Giving a good example of one practicing his or her Faith is a sure way to attract more people to the Church. I was shocked this summer while attending a wedding out of town when a member of the groom’s family came up to me and thanked me for getting their brother back to Mass. Heck, I didn’t even know that he didn’t go to Mass. He was just always there.

With all the discouraging things going on in the world, remember that we Catholics can make a difference by leading and showing our Christian beliefs (GOD LOVES) wherever and whenever we can.

One last reminder of our trip to Ireland. A number of us are going, and we plan to enjoy it… and yes, we will be going to Mass on Sunday because we are Catholics. See the info. on the facing page. I hope you’ll join us!

Happy Father’s Day!
Frank Krauser

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