Twilight Twitches

Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
I found the following commentary on the site of Catholic Australia. It seems very appropriate this weekend, - and all weekends.

The body of work that was to become known as Catholic Social Teaching began with an Encyclical letter written by Pope Leo XII in 1891 called Rerum Novarum (On the Condition of Labor). Successive popes have added to this body of teaching by ad¬dressing topics from the concentration of wealth to setting out conditions for world peace.

fetscherDear Family,
Thank you for your response to our appeal for Haiti after the August 14th earthquake. Last weekend 207 of you gave $ 2,668. We sent it to Catholic Charities which is putting together the collections from around the Archdiocese.

On Monday another parishioner brought a check for $200, and hopefully there will be more as time passes. I think we can do better.

You know I don’t preach a lot about money. You hear about money from me once a year at ABCD time. Last weekend when I said “we” sent the 5K at the Masses, you must understand that the “we” was a very wee group.

fetscherDear Family,
As I reflected on the readings for this weekend, the phrase “cut to the chase” came to mind.

When Joshua calls the tribes together, they get it. They see God has been with them and they pledge themselves to His service.

Paul’s letter to the Ephesians is familiar to us. More than once over the years, I’ve heard a comment or two from those who don’t like hearing Paul say, “Wives, be subject to your husbands.” Sometimes, the threat of chauvinism blocks the hearing and they are slow to hear, “Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ loved the church and handed himself over for her to sanctify her.” In other words, the husband dies for his wife if that’s what it takes.

fetscherDear Family,
If you check the thesaurus for “assume” you see a long list of words and phrases. Buried in the middle is the phrase “take up.” Finally, some help to shape the word Assumption: Mary is “taken up.”

We sing the praises of Mary because she said “Yes” to the invitation of the angel to become the mother of God’s Son. Her body was a very special place – a true Tabernacle.

Recall a little theology 101. Because of her “Yes” Mary was preserved from original sin. It’s that sin and its effects that cause our bodies to die. She did not experience bodily death and when her moment came to leave this earth she was “Taken up” into the arms of her welcoming Son. What a reunion.

fetscherDear Family,
Tomorrow is my birthday. (80 at 9:45 a.m. EDT) Just send prayers! I excerpted (stole) the following from Matthew Kelly’s new book, Life is Messy. I am giving you the book for Christmas, but apropos of age, it’s an interesting approach Annie found.

Three Appointments
We are all required to keep three appointments: with self, with God, and the inevitable appointment with death. We may avoid, delay, resist, ignore, and otherwise pretend that these appointments are not on our schedule. It matters not. Life brings about these appointments whether we think we are ready or not.

fetscherDear Family,
Annie and I just got off the phone with Mary Wood, reviewing our fiscal 2020-2021 financial re¬port. Thank God for Mary who translates accountese into English for me. As soon as we have dotted the “t’s” and crossed the “i’s” we will get it out to you. First in line will be the faithful whose generosity keeps the lights on.

The Olympics are offering me numbers that are far more interesting than finances. These Olympians are truly remarkable. Sometimes when the TV coverage includes pieces about the backgrounds of some of the competitors, it makes their feats even more remarkable... ordinary people made extraordi¬nary by striving for exceptional outcomes in nothing less than heroic ways.

Single-minded focus propels them to leap, swim, hurl, run, flip and all the other skills involved in the 46 sports that are part of Tokyo Olympics 2020.

fetscherDear Family,
I have a new special prayer intention. I pray that those of you who need to renew your driver licenses may be spared the in-person process. For some reason, which I never figured out, I couldn’t do it by mail as I usually did. I think it has something to do with my age. Maybe they need visible proof that I was still capable of independent movement.

Anyway Dr. Lang certified my sight and off I went. First, one hour outside the office. I stupidly went at 11:30 so you can image the heat. We all wound around hoping for the A.C. Then inside three more hours. The people who work there are all very nice. Still, you have no idea how much I kept praying, “O Lord, please let them call F701.” Is that how you feel waiting for your Bingo number to be called?

fetscherDear Family,

That’s how I ended last week’s Twitch. I think maybe the folks in the condos might have heard my sigh of relief. As I was finishing the Twitch the engineer told us we were okay. All we need to do is put down a little mesh and concrete mixture to smooth out the cracks. That will happen soon.

As those extraordinary rescue workers continued their search on the rubble in Surfside, I couldn’t help but be a little distracted about cracks in buildings, especially our building.

fetscherDear Family,
What a week! Annie and I think we could have easily (and gratefully) skipped it. There’s a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff regarding building maintenance, etc. You may have noticed some discoloration on the beam toward the altar area which it turns out is not a leak (thank God) but moisture from humidity build-up. We can paint it with a mold resistant paint. The product is called “Kilz.” (All I can think of is TS Eliot’s Murder in the Cathedral.)

Another project underway is the installation of three gates at the entrances to the property, two on the south side of the Sanctuary and one at the main entrance. The use of the parking lot at night has continued to be a long-standing problem and this should finally solve it. It’s one of those situations where the sins of a few spill onto the lives of the many. I don’t have any problem with kids parking to go to the beach. Unfortunately, some of the night crowd (who obviously are not working on a tan) leave the place littered and have also disturbed the neighborhood.

fetscherDear Family,
I know today is not a liturgical feast day, but I wanted to jazz the masthead up a little in honor of what the notion of Independence Day means for people of faith.

For starters, our very independence as a nation is why we can gather to pray as we wish. The founding fathers knew God. They also knew there must be freedom to pursue Him.

Unfortunately, it took a while for that notion of freedom to work its way through the fabric of our nationhood to erase the barren bondage of slavery.

As I reflect (and I warn you it is the middle of the night as I write and so reflection becomes a little less disciplined), I’m asking myself, independence from what?... independence FOR what???

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