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Dear Family,
Each day and each week seems fuller than the last one. That’s life at St. Sebastian’s, especially between Thanksgiving and Easter. All our birds are coming home to nest; sunbirds maintaining the nest yearround, snowbirds helping with redecoration, visiting and cruising peacocks adding color to the aviary, and then of course, the rarely sighted but always appreciated emus who pop in at Christmas and

The Spaghetti Dinner was wonderful. Who knew Grampa’s had Italian genes? They catered the meal and did a fine job. If you haven’t tried them and you like bakeries that also serve great food (since 1957) you should try them, U.S. 1 in Dania. (They are not paying me for this. I just feel true artistry should be recognized. Such a meatball!)

And speaking of greatness, how about Marcus Mickey, Shea Williams, Christian Dearwester and Hugo Meyjonade? They were the teens who were picking up after us all night. Then of course, the guys themselves: Bill Loughran, the decorating king, along with Bob Romano, Bill Fuccillo and John Davanzo who were setting tables all day after our own Patricio moved them into place, and of course, the Big Kahuna himself, Frank Krauser who chaired the event and did a lot of the running.A number of guys helped during the dinner itself, but those set-up tasks are pretty lonely vigils sometimes. Then on Saturday morning, I saw Bob emptying coolers and the like. It made me appreciate the meatballs that much more, knowing that the event took so much more than a goodrecipe. Thanks guys.

Periodically in one venue or another I find myself in discussion with members talking about how to get more people involved. Usually it’s after an event when more help could have been used. I have a theory that although there are probably more than a few of us who would rather be chairtesters than chair-makers, perhaps more often, we simply don’t use the best ways of enlisting people and their help. Or we can ask for help, but the task is so ill-defined that people hesitate because they just are not sure what they might be getting into.

As I wrote the foregoing, I began to think about discussions of the United States in various international involvements. What you hear is that you have to have a defined mission with an exit strategy or else you wind up in war for years. Trust me. I’m not at a point where I’m equating parish ministry with foreign wars. But as we enter more deeply into our “season” where there are major activities of one kind or another coming up weekly and bi-weekly, we do need to do a better job of making it easier for people to understand
what this community needs, and what it will take to provide for those needs. The one thing I hope I never have to deal with is anyone saying, “Well, I’m really involved in my parish up north.” What are we? Chopped liver? This is your parish because this is where your part of the body of Christ is gathering right now.

But my thoughts are not just about snow-birds, because I’m always hoping to do a better job of engaging the year-rounders (sunbirds) and even our peacocks who I hope will pray for us after they have visited us, however briefly.

Twice in the last week I’ve had two peacocks say they wish they could take our parish back with them. I won’t say where they came from… just that it is colder there. What is it they want to take back? We must be doing something right. Keep it up, oh feathered brothers and sisters; Jesus needs us to keep learning how better to share his face.

As ever in Him,

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