Twilight Twitches

Dear Family,
This week we begin Lent with Ash Wednesday. Before I go farther, I want to recommend you check out
<> That’s the site for Catholic Online. I thought their treatment of Ash Wednesday was great and worth your time.

Basically we enter into a period of prayer and reflection to ready ourselves once again for the celebration of the great Easter feast, the feast of our Redemption from the effects of sin. We had been cut off and through His loving sacrifice of life, Jesus restored our access to the Father and eternal life. That surely is worth our time and prayer and reflection.

If you don’t count the Sundays of Lent, which is a breathing time each week, we have 40 days in Lent that remind us of the time Jesus himself spent in the desert getting ready for his mission.

On Ash Wednesday (and Good Friday) we fast and we abstain from meat. Here “we” means everyone except the elderly, the ill and little children. Don’t start calling me about numbers. Use your common sense. (After all, 59 can hardly be called “old” these days, can it?)

On Fridays in Lent we also don’t eat meat. I was recently talking to a couple who are having a rehearsal dinner on a Lenten Friday and are making sure that there is both fish and meat available, and they themselves will be doing the fish. I think that’s a pretty good witness.

It comes down to getting into the “spirit of Lent.” What is the spirit of Lent? Well, the word Lent comes from the Old English word “lencten” which means spring or literally the lengthening of days. We are looking for fresh growth and maybe a new way of seeing things.

We’ll be talking more, but my prayer is that we can make a heartfelt renewing journey together.
In Jesus,

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P.S. Today is Super Bowl Sunday and tonight some of you will gather to watch what should be a good game. Come around 6:00 p.m. We’re able to project the game on our huge screen. Eat big before you come, but bring some snacks and we will provide drinks. If you have a smaller comfortable folding chair bring that too, because the hall seatsare so-so after a couple of hours.

After hearing about the great catch that the disciples made when Jesus told them to cast their nets, one wonders if there might be
something here that either the QBs or the receivers might use to spur them on. There is also the story about Isaiah’s remarkable call to his prophetic ministry. Calling the right plays? OK, I’m done. Go Peyton. Hurl it for us older guys.

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