Twilight Twitches

fetscherThird Sunday of Lent
Dear Family,
First of all I want to thank Mark and Noreen Rohleder who are the great proprietors of Waxy O’Connors Irish Pub (over the bridge on 17th Street on the way to grandma’s house.) I can’t tell you how unhappy I was about missing what seems to have been a major enjoyable event for our parish.

Andy Cooney’s Show was loved by all and fed to a glorious fare by Mark and Noreen. Their food was great and they brought a bit of the pub to Cooney’s show. Andy himself was thrilled with the turnout and the enthusiasm flowed over to the calendar so that before he left we have scheduled February 4, 2017 as the next show.

The Irish Committee for decoration of Pub-like edifices, headed by the ever popular Judy Fisher, and peopled by the likes of Dottie Nolen, Carole Duksta, Mary McCoy (recently back from the wilds of surgery) and the always-on-the-ready Irish lass Annie Gardner, did a fabulous job.

Then the Irish Coffee Committee headed by the retired but always meticulous and accurate General Nancy Adams supplied the coffees with
Amy Carroll and Judy who hung around to continue her helping ways. The Bar Committee was led by chief procurer Frank Krauser. He made
up for not being “O’Krauser” by hanging around with Tommy Ryan. Tommy was laid a little low, but his spirit persisted and carried Krauser through the tough times of taste-testing. Frank, Charlie Makey, Gene Kelley and Bob Romano rounded out the folk who made what by all accounts was a great evening.

I hope you find something you like at the Trinkets and Treasures Event this weekend. I know Mary Ann Smith worked her usual  organizational wonders with her committee. I’ll probably be indisposed which will come as good news to my sister who would less than subtly suggest that I don’t need any more trinkets, much less treasures to add to my own collection. Last year I got a great wicker rocker for the porch. Mary Ann let me “steal” it, but somehow I don’t think she lost much money on it. God knows what her mark-up was before I got to the checkout counter. Go girl! One way or the other I’ll make out very well on the deal.

And speaking of indisposed…I had hoped that there wouldn’t be too much made of my current adventures in cardiac repair land. It blew up relatively quickly but a very good amalgamation of medical wizards have embraced me in their competent and caring procedures which I hope will net me another few years among good friends.

If all goes as planned, I will be in recovery mode as you read these Twitches. My absolute goal is to be able to walk down the middle aisle on Holy Saturday night singing “Light of Christ” and having, I’m sure, a very unique perspective on just what having the light of Christ really means. I am hardly unique among us. We of the more “mature” categories all have more than enough war stories to trade about illnesses we have known and dramatic scenarios in which we battled the joys and sorrows of medical practice.

We must never forget, that just we speak of ourselves as practicing Catholics, so we speak of those who practice medicine. 'Practicing’ means we are trying to get it right, not that we know it all. So I have been saying to one and all, don’t pray for me.
Pray for my doctors and all who continually are making acts of faith, not only in their own abilities, but also maybe acts of faith in the Lord who has given them talents to make his presence known and felt in very special and personal ways.

To check up on me, don’t call Annie. Please! Go to <>. Enter my name, Jim Fetscher, and click Visit. Then click my name and you're off to the races. Just look for “Latest Journal Entry,” and we will keep you abreast of what’s happening.
Love and peace,
sign frjim

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