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Fourth Sunday of Lent - by Nancy Adams
Dear Fellow Parishioners,
As you all know Monsignor Fetscher is in the midst of his physical repair work. He is now slowly recovering from his open heart surgery. From the cards and greetings he has received on the web site (under the name jimfetscher) we know he is being closely watched and prayed for by his many friends.  Please keep the prayers and good thoughts coming. The goal is to have him ready to celebrate with the Parish on Holy Saturday.

During Monsignor’s absence St. Sebastian Church has been blessed to date by the presence of five priests- Father Bill Mason, Father Gary Wiesmann, Father Ron Brohammer, Father Jim Nero, and Father Paul Farin to continue our daily and Sunday Masses as well as to cover emergencies. We can only hope that Annie’s Rolodex of priests continues to produce such wonderful priests to fill in for our Monsignor. He is going to owe each of them big time!

One of the priests just mentioned (but I cannot recall which one) had a line in his homily that has resonated with me for Lent. He said “Lent is for listening.” I want to share with you some of the things I have heard when I listen within the context of my daily life and my prayer life. My examples are to suggest how we can all find opportunities in our daily lives.

The first call to listen revolves around what we announce at mass each Sunday (Saturday). Our sense of community at St. Sebastian is in high gear during the winter season. Almost every week we have a planned social activity. These activities all take work to make the event happen as well as participation (attendance) by our parishioners. We each need to hear the call to contribute our time and talent. Everyone cannot be a late comer! So please volunteer NOW to help with the Fish Fry and Auction.

Another area that calls for attention is our parish ministries. Throughout the past year individuals who were stalwart contributors to our parish ministries have moved on. In the case of our young altar servers, several have departed for college.

Last week Bill Schneider, one of our truly great contributors, died unexpectedly. Bill was in our church daily to serve Mass as well as being one of our Eucharistic Ministers. If you go to the St Sebastian web page, <>, you can review the list of more than twenty parish ministries that can use your participation. Being a snowbird is no reason not to listen to the call for your help when you are in sunny Florida.

The final opportunity for listening is paying attention to our priest and your fellow parishioners when we pray out loud. There is strength as well as beauty when we pray in unison. Our single message resonates with each other as well as with GOD.  Listening to our friends and neighbors who are dealing with sickness and death is an ongoing need in our parish community. Some may need a helping hand getting routine tasks accomplished but all need to know someone (you) cares for them while they care for others. Listening is a powerful attribute. Lent is the time to focus our efforts. We will find ourselves closer to others and through them better know our suffering Jesus.

Nancy Adams
Pastoral Council President

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