Twilight Twitches

Palm Sunday

Dear Fellow Parishioners,
While the Monsignor is recovering a few of us in the Parish have been asked to fill in with a twitch for the bulletin each week. I’m the one chosen to write for Palm Sunday. For me this Sunday was always a day I looked forward to celebrating. It’s a day of great joy in the Church calendar. Jesus is welcomed into the city as a hero among his people. We of course are given palms to signify the welcoming of Jesus.

For those of us who pray, give alms and fast through the Lenten season we too get to celebrate but we also know that we will prepare for the Passion which will begin later this week. So enjoy the day and get ready for the holiest week in the Catholic Church.

While I was in college, I always seemed to find myself in Ft Lauderdale for Spring break and back in those days I was here for Palm Sunday and Easter. That must be why Palm Sunday was always a special day for me. We would make the long drive down from Dayton and arrive just in time to go to Palm Sunday Mass and then our Spring break would start. Now I’m not going to get into anything that happened during that week but to say we always made it to Easter Sunday Mass. Friends have asked me why I enjoy being a part of St. Sebastian’s. I have to admit to them that this place is like a home away from home. And now it is home. We really are a community of loving Christians who are looking out for each other. When a member of the community to is sick, we have a prayer chain that goes into action to pray for that person. A good friend of mine, and many other parishioners, told me just the other day that he believes that those prayers have kept him going. When a parishioner dies, and it’s bound to happen to all of us, there are a group of ladies who
prepare a reception in the hall for those attending the funeral. These are volunteers who care about our Parish.

We had a great time at the Andy Cooney concert a couple of weeks ago. Now this was not a money maker for the Parish, but the ladies from the Women’s club who came in Saturday morning to decorate the place did so on their own. Those guys from the Men’s club who stepped up to help serve did so on their own. Why? Because that’s the way things get done. We had a fun Super Bowl game party and those who came by had a great time because of those behind the scenes who volunteered to help.

We are a community of “Snow birds and Sun birds” but when I think about it we are all “Fun birds”. And the “fun” happens when everyone pitches in make things happen. The best example of this is our Oktoberfest in the Fall and our Fish Fry which we enjoyed last week. I can’t name all the folks who work so hard to make things go right but I will recognize the “leader” who pulls it together, Elli Hurst (with lot of help from Annie and others). I don’t want to forget the Men’s club Spaghetti dinner held in January. The help we received from the men - and yes some of the ladies pitched in - created a fun evening for all.

We are really a parish that prays for each other and works hard to make St Sebastian what it is and of course plays hard to enjoy life when we can. The Monsignor has always reminded me that when we can get our parishioners together for an event, they should always leave remembering the good time that was had by all.

Frank Krauser
President of the Men’s Club

PS Look up when you leave church today - the dome on our bell tower is “gold” thanks to painters who painted it and the Men’s Club who paid for it.

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