Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
My mind is in a swirl. (So what else is new?) I'm writing this Twitch on Tuesday the 23rd. Hope is a great way to start out, because I'm hoping all the preparations that are underway for Oktoberfest will bear fruit (or brats and sauerkraut in this case.)

I'm hoping that we don't totally wear out all the folk working. I'm hoping that the light-stringers will teeter safely on their ladders and the cleaner-uppers will make the task look easy and that it WILL be easy because there are so many of them.

I know at some point I'll probably find Elli hand-grating something. I'm hoping she doesn't scrape a knuckle.

I'm hoping that people who waited until the last minute are going to be able to get tickets.

I'm hoping that the cool evening breezes that I experienced last night (Fall finally got the memo) will waft around our spaces on Friday night.

I'm hoping Con Breslin - our great Irish carpenter - will be able to continue to work his magic on the doors of our Main Sanctuary. Older sinking buildings can drive you nuts when it comes to aligning thresholds, etc.

I'm hoping that the new air-conditioning unit in McDonnell Hall was successfully installed. I'm hoping I can thank God for the unexpected anony¬mous gift we received which will cover the cost of the unit, $50K+.

I'm hoping that Patty Taylor will know how much we appreciate her artistic abilities as she works to restore our noble native American. My original name for him was "Brave Watch-The-Roof." We were replacing the roof tiles on the Main Sanctuary when my neighbor gave him to us. Since then he has gazed faithfully.

I am hoping that as we see our snowbirds returning, that they will join the sunbirds in creating a welcoming place for each other and for the peacocks who will be coming and going throughout the winter to visit and cruise and warm up. Who knows? Perhaps we shall even be able to draw in some long-absent emus. I am hoping...

Then I come to this week's readings. Actually, I read them first before all the rest of my "hopings." That's where I got the idea of Hope.

Isaiah spoke to exiles in Babylon and said, "I will lead them to brooks of water, on a level road, so that none shall stumble." I am hoping that we will find some sane solution to the hopes of 7500+ central Americans walking in Hope.

Mark tells us of the blind beggar calling for help. I am hoping that I could find the courage it took for him to call out, despite being stifled by the crowd. Then Jesus says, "Call him." Suddenly, the crowd changes its attitude. I am hoping they were embarrassed enough to realize what a bunch of 'suck-ups' they really were. Perhaps I am being too harsh...

Finally, I am hoping that you will spend some time today, at least beginning to read the first few pages of the booklet we gave you about Advent. I know it's early, but when I started reading it, it really caught my attention. It's a booklet that gives us concrete ways of understanding Advent better. If you start early, you can do a little planning. If you take the time to check it out, I think you'll be very rewarded. We'll talk more about it.

I am hoping you are in the Lord's peace.
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