Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
So here we are with the last Twitch of 2018. Tomorrow is New Year's Eve and many around the world will celebrate. The magic of television and satellites invites us to see people universally rais¬ing a glass and offering a cheer. We and they are hoping for a happy 2019.

But you notice in the heading I preceded New Year with a line, ͺͺͺͺͺͺͺ. Why?

Normally, you'd automatically expect "Happy" to precede New Year. But I don't think putting 'happy' in there should be an automatic thing. If we really want the year to be happy, we are going to need to work at it. How will I fill in the blank? How will you? It's our choice.

There will always be some disappointments and perhaps even heart-breaking tragedies and losses. What will carry us through those challenges to calm and peaceful outcomes?

We will journey through the year with other people. We don't live our lives alone, even the most private of us.

Occasionally, I realize that at the end of the day, I think I've been with people because of all I see on the 'tube.' I may have only talked to a couple of other people, but I've sort of conned myself into thinking I'm part of the crowd.

I was more isolated than I realized.

The thing that saves me is seeing a good group at Mass, but if I wasn't there to celebrate the Mass, would I have seen anyone? I told someone the other day, that my job makes me do a lot of things I wouldn't choose to do, out of avoidance, or maybe laziness, or whatever. Then the thought came, "That's why you've got the job you have, Dummy. How else was I going to get your attention?"
Anyway, each of us has a journey to make, all of us, together. We want good journeys, ones that will give us recollections of good experiences at this time next year. Captain Picard was famous for his, "Make it so!" What will make our years great ones? How shall we, "Make it so." (By the way, you need to be a Star Trek: Next Generation fan to get the Picard reference.)

So, what word do you want to put in the space ͺͺͺͺͺͺͺ to describe your 2019?

Dazzling, Cheery, Pleasing, Enchanted, Tasty, Light-filled, Savory, Friendly, ...on and on. What are your words? Whatever you pick, the trick is bringing about the result the word signifies. Now, it's not just about picking a clever word; it's about making a commitment to act!

During this little exercise I got a little flash of light, and I came up with a word that I think maybe I'll try and make my own for 2019. My word for 2019 is going to be Blessed. I pronounce that "blest."

What will bless my 2019? I don't have a quick answer. But I don't think I should have a quick answer. I'm going to work on figuring out the ways in which I can experience God's own blessings through what I hear, what I say, what I do. After all, He is the one who blesses. In blessing my time he will reveal Himself to me and hopefully through me, and it will be in His time.

That is my prayer for you in 2019. May we be Blessed.
In Jesus,
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