Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
January 20th is the feast of St. Sebastian. Sundays are key days for us, so the Sunday celebration always takes precedence over individual saints' days. But we know Sebastian is right there watching over us every day.

There is another date that is important for us. On March 12th we will officially mark the sixtieth anniversary of St. Sebastian Church. It's our DIAMOND JUBILEE YEAR.

As the year rolls along, I'd like to celebrate our 60th with actions and events that help us celebrate who we are, who we have been, and who we hope to be.

Our Pastoral Council is brain-storming. Let one of them know if you have any ideas. Their names are on the front of this bulletin. I have a bunch of ideas, - that's why you pay me the big bucks, but I don't want to preempt yours. Imagine if we wound up having the same idea! One rule I have is that we won't leave everything to Annie!!!!

For example, how about we send all the ministry leaders to the Bahamas in a couple of hot-air balloons that we launch from the parking lot? Never mind. They'd wind up in the middle of the Everglades because of the prevailing easterly breezes. Now you see why your input might be not only be helpful, but essential.

This week I had the "difficult" task of endorsing two nominations that our Women's Council (SSCCW) is making to the Council of Women of the Archdiocese (MACCW).

One award acknowledges a member's involvement in deanery and diocesan life as well as community activities. It's named after Our Lady of Good Counsel.

The other award honors a woman in each affiliate for her efforts within the parish group. From those women, one is chosen as Outstanding Member of the Year for the whole MACCW. I know who our nominees are, but I'm sworn to secrecy.

Both women surely have earned the recognition. I suspect that each of them would just as soon pass it on to someone else. They are part of the 10% in most groups that does a lot of heavy lifting for the whole group.

My take is that honoring people like this helps bring to light how important everyone's contribution could be if we kept our "giving" hats on our heads a little longer. It's probably true that most people would say 'yes' to many things if they were asked. Sometimes, people like our nominees serve us best by being willing to ask, even if they sometimes get a 'no.'

I'm looking forward to the Men's Club annual spaghetti dinner this Friday night. The theme is "An Evening in Venice." I am assured by the men that no one will be spraying water throughout the hall, magically turning the tables into gondolas.

Also, we will be blessed with some special gondoliers, and ahead of time I just want to thank the great students coming from St. Thomas Aquinas High School. They will pole their trays with loving service throughout our canals.

My heartfelt thanks to Chairman and confetti king Bill Loughran for shepherding the event. A "few good men," Frank Krauser, Steve Weber, and Bob Romano among others deserve our thanks as well. I tell the president, Frank, that these guys make him look good. Actually, Frank doesn't need much to make him look good. Need a ride home? He's there. We thank all of you. As they say, "it takes a village" or in this case "a good Men's Club."

With gratitude for you all and looking forward to seeing you over a little pasta, I'm yours,
sign frjim

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