Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
So much happens here! We cram 12 months of parish activities into five and no sooner do we celebrate one of them, then the next one whooshes in.

That means there are so many people I want to thank. The Men's Club brought us the Spaghetti Dinner. Great food and great company and it hap-pened under the baton of Maestro Bill Loughran.

No sooner had Bill's confetti been swept up, in comes Trinkets and Treasures under the watchful eye of Mary Ann Smith. I watched Patricio transferring boxes and boxes from our storeroom to the parish hall. Marianne swung into action. Treasure sorting and trinket displaying is no mean feat.

I stopped in a couple of times, and one afternoon I saw three wonderful girls from St. Anthony's helping Marianne to set out the stuff (whoops, I mean) Treasures. They were by themselves. During the next days more women and an occasional man were there helping as well.

As I hoped I conveyed last Sunday, the fundraising events we do are pretty important to the ongoing stability of the parish. Every time one of you lifts one hand to help make these events work you really are making the parish work. Our Bills and Mariannes are only able to pull off their events because people help. I've never heard someone leading an event say they had too many people. Usually, more foot soldiers are deeply appreciated, to say nothing of needed.

I made the mistake of looking at some of the contributed art. Before you accuse me of premature buying, just know that I paid more than they wanted. Marianne was NOT in collusion. (God forbid any of us should fall victim to the "c" word.)

In the midst of the events we also have ABCD, the annual appeal from the Archdiocese. As of last Tuesday our preliminary returns have us at $60,779.00, toward our ultimate goal of $105,383.00. We can do this. I sure hope you are a part of this outreach to very worthwhile under¬takings throughout the archdiocese.

You also received the parish financial statement for fiscal 2018 and the first six months of fiscal 2019. It took a lot of work and Finance Committee Chairperson Mary Wood and members did a helpful commentary on the back of the statement. I have made the wise crack in the past that there are three types of lies: white lies, black lies and statistics. In our case, there is no lying, just an accurate presentation of the facts. If you know Mary, you know fact-fudging and fibbing are not allowed!

These couple of weeks when we consider the finances can be unsettling, for me, anyway. I'm not eager to be talking about money and so we limit "the pitch."

Nevertheless, just because I'm not talking about finances doesn't mean that they can be ignored. Very often, happily, we will be in a pinch, and suddenly a totally unexpected gift will appear. There surely is such a thing as God's providential care. "He will provide," indeed. But another consideration ought to make us think that part of God's providential plan is that we be the providers. He gives us gifts and talents and hearts to use. Kind of sounds familiar, doesn't it? It's what we call being good stewards.

SO... I offer a few conclusions. 1) Don't presume St. Sebastian will always be here. 2) If you can afford two homes, you need to afford two parishes. 3) Sunbirds, snowbirds and peacocks are a great combo eagerly reaching out to emus. 4) The black cuckoo is happy to be yours,

In Jesus,
sign frjim

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