Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
As some of you know I've been under the weather a little bit, but it's interesting how opportunities like this give you time to think about things you wouldn't have thought about otherwise.
During the course of this past week we passed the first anniversary of the shootings at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school. All the discussion over the last year of what happened and why it happened, certainly helps to highlight the fact that there is much violence in our society. Are we willing to do anything about it?

Another statistic that popped up somewhere in the course of the week, if I'm remembering right, was that there were 40,000 gun related deaths last year. In the same time period there were also 40,000 traffic related deaths. There's a certain bitter irony in the fact that while traffic deaths seem to be slowly decreasing, gun deaths are increasing.

Needless to say, the rhetoric becomes louder and shriller and all you want to do to turn it all off. Unfortunately, you can't, not and still remain in some way responsible for the world in which you and I live. If Jesus appeared in Broward County this afternoon, what would he say, what would he do? I'm not going to try and answer that one. But there are ways to approach it. Here's one...

Ed Morse is a member of the law faculty at Creighton University and contributed an Online Ministries reflection, part of which follows.

"Today's readings present vivid imagery for comparison: barren bushes vs. verdant trees; parched lava vs. moist fertile soil; withering death vs. fruitful life; hunger and thirst vs. satisfaction; curses vs. blessings; mourning vs. comfort; rejection vs. approval; grieving vs. laughter."

He continues, "We naturally desire the latter categories, which contribute toward sustaining and enriching our lives. But desires are often unfulfilled. Sometimes we choose not to fulfill a desire to achieve a greater good. For example, I might desire athletic or musical skills, but I am not willing to sacrifice other goods to practice regularly. (Of course, we also face natural limits, as giftedness is not distributed equally.) In choosing good things, such as work or family life, we may sacrifice other desires that are licit. We are created in freedom to make these choices, hopefully choosing the greater and higher goods as best we can."

My take on today's readings is that being anchored in the Lord empowers you to do and be the things we heard today in Luke's version of the Beatitudes.

Recently I heard someone say something to the effect that it's all fine and good to tell somebody you're going to be praying for them but if you don't have some action coming along with those prayers that they really don't mean very much. I remember at the time being annoyed by that, and then something that my good friend Jack said to me brought it into focus. He said, "Well, when someone says to me that they are going to pray for me, it lifts me up." That's not bad for an action.

We can't let questions like gun control legislation, or age limits, or mental health clearances, etc., drive us into the corners of the boxing rings of perpetual argument. Nor can we afford politicians whose basic motivations are PC (politically correct) stances to keep them reelectable. I can throw my hands into the air and say, God help us". Or, I can raise my hands to the heavens and pray, "God... Help... Us."

From the arena of the growling gut, I'm yours,
In Jesus,
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