Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
Here we are, half-way through Lent, and as one of my commentators, Maureen McCann Waldron said, “I haven’t been as good as I thought I could be with my Lenten resolutions.” My author went on to say, “What’s my reaction? Say, ‘oh well, the heck with it,’ or say, ‘thank you Lord, for the next three weeks to get it right.’” I’m opting for the latter.

She went on to make another point that grabbed my attention. She said, “Today, instead of redoubling our own efforts and trying to ‘manage’ Lent on our own, we ask God, ‘What is it you want to give me this Lent?’

I was especially struck by, “What is it you want to give me?” I think if I had a dialogue with the Lord about Lent it was more along the lines of, “What do you want me to do?” The subtle difference for me is that if I ask God what he wants to give me, the gift itself will determine my ‘doing’.

I’m writing this letter on last week’s flood day, aka, the Feast of St. Joseph. I just finished giving a short homily that noted we never heard any words from St. Joseph in the Scriptures. All we hear about is what he did. Now, as I think about it, he certainly heard God’s voice. That’s what the word ‘angel’ means: messenger. The angel in the dream encouraged him and as a result Joseph knew what to do because he was able to listen.

That brings me to today’s irony. Last Sunday, I mentioned that one thing I wished to do for Lent was spend an hour before the Blessed Sacrament each day. I didn’t tell you my other resolution. Considering the development of this Twitch, I’ll tell you my second resolution was to try and listen better. Joseph had the grace to listen. Look what happened!

In this second half of Lent, we pray that we can hear better.
Switching gears, I’m having another one of those writing-about-something that hasn’t happened as though it already did, namely FISH FRY AND AUCTION. Nevertheless, I know how much time and effort has already gone into it. I also know about the fabulous crew of people who have worked this year and for many years, beginning with Elli Hurst and Annie Gardner. Mary Wood, Liz Siegle, Chuck Wobby, Judy Fisher, Connie Reed, Ann Murry, and Maura Brassil were part of the planning committee and there are always the faithful who sign up for jobs during the event itself. (e.g., God bless Fred Schmid for his careful catering of the kegs.)

To all of you, I sure hope it doesn’t sound less than totally heartfelt, my thanks for doing the kinds of things that build this community. Demographically, we are actually shrinking a bit. I know the Finance Committee has its concerns about that. I give them (small cases of) the jitters when I say it will all be well. Of course, they know that, but are not sure if I remember that “God helps those who help themselves.”

One of the examples that makes me always encouraged about the well-being of the parish is the great coming-togethers we have like the Fish Fry. ...and Spaghetti Dinner, and Oktoberfest, and the Spring Women’s Luncheon. Hmmm. There’s a lot of food there, so let’s throw in coffee-and-donuts as well!

Then I see Tommy and Barbara Rogan and Scott Martinez and Jackie Chapdelaine standing at doors ministering hospitality, along with a great bunch of ushers who extend the greeting inside. They are all welcoming folk to the greatest feast of all, the Blessed Eucharist, the ultimate breaking of bread.

Does it get any better than this? Until I get to heaven, this will do.

In Jesus,
sign frjim

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