Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
Two weeks until Easter! It seems like I just put away my Christmas wreath and here we are, getting ready to celebrate the greatest feast in our Church year, the Resurrection of the Lord.

Next Sunday is Palm Sunday. Don’t forget to be especially nice to visitors. I make a joke sometimes about Ash Wednesday and Palm Sunday. We seem to do a little better with attendance when we’re giving something away. I can’t get my head around why giving Jesus every week wouldn’t fall in that same category, but I guess that is a pondering for another day.

reconcil2019Today, my Mom would have been 107. Thinking about her still being around seems a little silly until I remember Sister Helen Lange, OSB, who I told you about last week. Sister just passed away at 105 and a half. I had her for music 67 years ago.
Both gave their kids an example of faith, the faith that all of us share today. Homemaker or teacher, both excelled in their vocations.

Thinking about them invited me to recall how I got to this point in my “faith walk.” What about you? Each of us has our own story. Maybe Easter time is a good opportunity to look back. How did I get to this point in my life? What shaped the way I think and pray and believe? Who were the people who let me see that being a believer wasn’t crazy?

I started a list in my head, and I am really amazed how many people there are. If I hadn’t asked these questions of myself, thinking I was writing with you in mind, I wouldn’t have seen such a wonderful array of faces and times.

I also know that I’m not simply sitting here wandering down memory lane. Remembering what all those people gave me challenges me to “go and do likewise.” I’m not simply talking about being a priest. I’m talking about the push into discipleship each one of us received when the water hit our heads, and we became part of the part of Christ, part of each other.

Do you think that you really didn’t have a choice about being part of the Body? Some people say that. How sad. Eventually, maybe we figure out it was the greatest gift we could have been giv¬en, and the bottom-line reaction is not “I didn’t have a choice,” but rather, “Holy Smoke. The Lord actually picked me to be his disciple. Imagine that!”

Easter is celebrating the power that God gives us to be his disciples through the Spirit of His Risen Son. The Spirit impels us to live love, show love, be love for each other, just like Jesus did for us.

Remember! The strangers you see grabbing a piece of palm next Sunday, might really be looking for the Lord who you will show to them.

In Jesus,
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