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fetscherDear Family,
HOSANNA comes from the Hebrew hosha'na, probably a shortening of hoshi'ah-nna "save, we pray." When Jesus entered Jerusalem, it was the cry of Galileans who came with him who knew him as a great prophet. How quickly their Hosannas were overcome by, "Crucify him."

Why? There were all sorts of reasons, perhaps the biggest being the opposition of the temple leaders. Somehow, they feared being displaced by someone who was praised by so many. Ultimately, they even pleaded with the hated occupying foreign government with the hypocritical, "We have no king but Caesar." "Crucify him!"

The more Jesus loved, the more the frenzy to push back consumed the leaders. How painful loving can become. How debilitating the refusal to love becomes.

Remember Telly Savalas of Kojak fame? Remember his great line, "Who loves ya, baby?"

Jesus is coming into Jerusalem to finish his work. We can find all kinds of specific reasons for the 180-degree attitude-shift the people made about Jesus. But when all is said and done, Jesus came to Jerusalem to finish his work, his passion and death. Indeed, "Who loves ya, baby?" is a line that shouts at us throughout the whole gospel story.

When Jesus prays, "not my will but yours..." he hears the love of his Father. "Who loves ya, ba¬by?"

Jesus took the cup and He broke the bread.. "Who loves ya, baby?"

Jesus heals the ear of the high priest's servant; "Who loves ya, baby?"

Peter denies the Lord and Jesus looks at him. "Who loves ya, baby?" and Peter weeps.
The thieves hear Jesus say, "Amen, I say to you, this day you will be with me in paradise." "Who loves ya, baby?"

The centurion glorified God and said, "This man was innocent beyond doubt." "Who loves ya, baby?"

Can you hear Him? He's asking you, "Who loves ya?"


Holy Week is about "feeling the love." The gift of the Bread of Life on Thursday...

The gift of total immersion in our brokenness on Friday...

The gift of New Life, Eternal life on Easter.

In the face of this monumental presence of God, can there be any question about God's love? If there's no faith that someone could love that much, then maybe there's the danger that someone simply can't sense the love.

Usually I love you because God has loved me. Occasionally, maybe I think I love you because if I don't then God won't love me. The huge flaw in the second thought is that God's love is not conditioned. So, as I mentioned last week, when I pray, "I love you, too," it's my answer to God's, "Who loves ya, baby?" He just never quits.

I hope you'll come and help give breadth and depth to the faith your St. Sebastian brothers and sisters will celebrate in these Holy Days. Together we make love credible! HOSANNA!

In Jesus,
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P.S. Telly helped make bald beautiful.

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