Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
A joyful prayer of gratitude for all our mothers, living and super-living! Mothers’ Day isn’t a liturgical feast so maybe that’s a great reason to celebrate it in May, the month of the Mother of All Mothers. It’s hard to believe my Mom moved into the super-living stage twenty years ago. I guess that’s because her presence is something I always carry with me.

Very occasionally, something comes up that reminds me that not everyone’s mother-memories are good. In good Irish tradition, I almost feel guilty for having such happy memories of my own mother. I hope and pray that a bad experience might make someone even more sensitive to finding a way of “mothering” in a blessed way.

Calling on the Blessed Mother to fill in some of the unhappy holes of memory can be a good alternative to spending too much time in smoldering resentments. That’s true of all the situations we’ve had that weren’t good - especially family issues.

I really didn’t intend this Twitch to take this direction, but maybe it’s a mother’s prompting.

How many times have you heard me say, “Forgiveness is a decision, not a feeling.” I decide  to forgive. I may still have feelings about something that hurt, but I promise you that it’s the devil’s own work to make you think that if you still have lingering bad feelings about something, you are not really forgiving. NOT TRUE! It’s precisely because you know Jesus forgives you, that you can forgive others. Focusing on his forgiveness of you is the background music that will begin to smooth the sharp edges of painful memories. That’s what the devil would like you to forget. Jesus never stops loving and forgiving. Period. Jesus tells us to go and do likewise, and I’m convinced he isn’t asking us to do anything we can’t do.
When I think back to Mom (and Dad) I don’t think I’m romanticizing my memories to say that they knew how important it was to move beyond hurts and grudges, because all that lingering in resentment did was leave you in quicksand.
As the years passed, I realized there were occasions when you would have thought that “they had every right” to be mad at something or someone but chose not to... because they knew it wouldn’t teach their kids anything worthwhile. They knew it instinctively. Now I guess I’d call that using the grace God gave them when they became parents.

Thanks, Mom (and Dad)!

Today Victoria Levi, Alexander Schmid and Sebastian Trang receive the Body and Blood of Christ for the first time. Having First Communion on Mother’s Day blesses us. We celebrate life. The children deepen their relationship with the Lord as they grow. Their parents gave them the gift of being a member of the Body of Christ, the community of believers, the Church. Now they bring them to the altar where God commits to feeding them and us with the Body and Blood of His own Son.

When you stop and think about it, how really amazing. Maybe “amazing” is one of those words that gets overworked these days. How about stupendous, magnificent, incredible, huge, (another overworked word). How about Generous?
Generous is my choice. This is not a one-time gift. That’s why we are also celebrating, “Last Communion.” You’ll hear the kids say it when I ask them, “What is your most important Communion?” And they will shout back, “The Last One!”

May their parents always bring them back to the Table, and may their families always find the Table surrounded by generous and loving people.

In our Risen Lord,
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