Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
I’m writing this Twitch on July 16TH. Today is Bubba’s 10th birthday, (70th to us humans.) Nothing will please him more than an extra Beggin’ Strip. (Come to think of it, extra bacon strips are always welcome!) There will also be a Ritz cracker with a little peanut butter. The latter is the suggestion of Gisella Reyes who specializes in pet specialties. Ask Muqui (moo-key) the very happy cat who resides in the Calderon-Reyes abode. If I remember correctly, Muqui gives a whole new meaning to the concept of fat cat. She passed the pleasingly plump stage long ago.

Diane Guiheen was a great parishioner who had two dogs, Blue-Eyed Beau and Bubba. She went to the hospital and the dogs needed a new home. Diane knew I had Bubba (temporarily) and I told her that I was just keeping him until she got home again. She said, “Oh Father, I don’t think I’ll be going home again.”

Dr. Laura Evatt, dentist extra-ordinaire and chief parish dog-lover, took charge of the dogs and found a farm up near Lake Okeechobee. She took the dogs up to the farm. Blue-Eyed Beau loved it. Bubba, on the other hand, decided country living was for the birds and Dr. Laura had to bring him back. I get a call.

“Father Jim?”


“Father, Laura brought the dogs up to the farm, but Bubba wouldn’t have any part of it.” “Yes...”

“Well, Father, Laura was wondering if there might be a family who could take Bubba at least for the weekend so that she wouldn’t have to take him to the pound. You know she already has some dogs at her house.”


“Well, Father, we were wondering if you might know a family.”


Insert dramatic pause here.

“Well, Father...”

“Bring the dog over.”

I promise you, it could not have been more than five minutes when one Boston Terrier arrived, complete with bed, toys, leash, food, (and oh yes, some special canned food as well because Bubba was having a bit of a problem with loose bowels.)

Bubba walks in, looks around and indicates with something of a shrug, “Well, maybe this can work out.” That was eight years ago.

If I’m not up by 7:30 a.m. Bubba is at the side of the bed reaching up and pawing me to get up. I’ve long since realized that it isn’t exactly deep affection that’s motivating him, but rather it’s breakfast time. With amazing regularity, within 10 minutes of 5 p.m. he comes to announce, “Dinner Time.” He even makes the adjustment for Daylight Savings time.

He keeps me in prayer because we circumvent the parking lot in the evening, and it takes five decades of the rosary. I keep trying to tell him to slow the Our Father down a little, but there is always a treat waiting at the end of the walk, so sometimes he beats me home.

Those of you who have pets know what having affection for pets is like. Those of you who don’t, usually are wondering what’s the matter with those of us who do. Believe me, I was among your number before Bubba. Bottom line is that all of us are looking for some kind of unconditional love. Maybe pets come as close to God’s unconditional love as we’ll get, this side of the heavenly gate.

When I started this Twitch, I was thinking about Martha and Mary. Look where we wound up. It’s still about loving, isn’t it?

In Jesus,
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