Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
As I begin this Twitch, the very first thing I want to say is “Thank You” to those of you who sent me cards and good wishes for my birthday. Nancy Adams and her team put together a happy surprise coffee and cupcakes after Mass on the day itself.

You may have heard me remark in the past that I hate surprises. I was thinking about that and wondering why. Maybe subconsciously it’s a fear of not having control of something... of everything???

By control, I don’t think I’m talking about power as much as I am about the ability to trust. Am I able to trust that the unexpected will be just fine?

I don’t know what I did with my ‘shrink’ hat but at least that’s one thing that a little age can permit me: an excuse for losing things.

Another thing that throws me off a little is that I am surrounded by sparkling octogenarians and nonagenarians. At 78 I might just be a youngster. OK, I won’t push it too far...

In any event, it brings me around to the readings from sacred scripture for this weekend. In his commentary for Creighton University Online Ministry’s Daily Reflections, theology professor Jay Carney said:

“If nothing else, today’s readings remind us that the gospel is not about ‘niceness.’ In fact, God’s prophetic call disrupts the social status quo and can even put us at odds with those closest to us.”

His comment is where my header is coming from, “Nice... to be or not to be.”

By coincidence, I’m writing this on Tuesday the 13th. I have a collection of homilies that have been given over the years by Trappist Michael Casey from Australia. They were reissued, one for each day of the year, but the way it was done was picking a word from the homily. Guess what today’s word was. You guessed it: NICENESS.

I’m sure I will explore more of Father Casey’s thoughts during the Masses this weekend, but in the meantime what I have experienced is the chal¬lenge of the gospel’s warning that being dedicated to the Lord may mean tough strains on relationships.

Yet in contrast, here I am, the blessed of men, with an example of how good relationships can be in the Lord. My family, my friends, my pastoral council which has been gifted with fiesta-like talents. I mean, how much better can it get? ...this side of the grave, that is.

I need to cut this short because we have a deadline and it took me too much time to get this far.

Peace and blessings and thanks to Annie for puffing something “Nice” in the space below.
In Jesus,
sign frjim


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