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fetscherDear Family,
Pain. Strange word for a Twitch heading.

Ultimately from the Latin poena, the word relates to penalty or punishment, especially as it results from crime. Check out the Thesaurus and you’ll find a plethora of synonyms, I counted 37! Imagine, 37 different ways of describing human discomfort/agony. That’s some testament to the human experience.

There are all kinds of pain; physical, emotional, psychological, etc. You name it and you can usually find it somewhere.

For me, it seems I have experienced a small bushelful in the last couple of weeks.

I did a brilliant maneuver on my little electric chair and managed to back into a hole which flipped me and the chair into a crumpled mess in the back patio. Fortunately, there was no one around to see it. I found myself laying there laughing and thinking to myself, “Help, I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up.” It was funny. I banged ribs and scraped arms and bled a little, but ultimately managed to pick myself up.

The scrapes and the ribs came through fine but after three days I found my right hand in the kind of pain I can’t ever recall having before. The doctor ultimately described it as traumatized soft tissue. Never heard of that before. I suppose there’s something to be said for getting a new malady, although right now I can’t think of what I’d like to say about it other than thank God it finally ended.

Then there is the emotional pain. As some of you know Bubba, the superior Boston Terrier, contracted cancer. It all came up sort of quickly and so it was a surprise. Dr Javier Gonzalez monitored it with great insight and advice, and we had to say good-bye to Bubba last Monday. Talk about emotional pain. You may recall I got him by accident eight years ago, and it was one of the best accidents in my life. As I recall, Dr. Laura Evatt and Liz Calhoun were in on the plot sort of...

The psychological pain is knowing that my family is gathering this weekend for a reunion in North Carolina, and I’m not there.

I’m the oldest of seven. In the past I’ve joked that my brothers and sisters say that Mom had six more to prove to the world she could do better. In fact, I say, “She Did!” I feel badly about disappointing them, but I’ve decided that before any of us checks out, the Lord is going to give us another opportunity.

I commented at the one Mass I celebrated last weekend (5:00 p.m. Saturday) that pain is something so unique to each person. One of the small graces that peeked through for me was thinking at various times about people who were experiencing pain much worse than mine.

My pain is not some sort of punishment for my “crimes,” but it does flow out of that great original disorientation in the sky called “original sin.” We all are subject to the fallout of the original “No” spoken by mankind in the persons of Adam and Eve.

AND... we are all recipients of the gift of the life, passion, death and resurrection of Our Lord Jesus who says by His words and actions that pain is not our destiny. Any kind of pain...

Pain becomes stones on our journeys to heaven, and the Spirit of God is trying to guide us through them. My goal is trying not ever to forget that.

With my prayers that you are blessed with people who walk with you through tough times, as I certainly am, and with the hope that you’ll find ways of lessening your pains in the very acts of kindness to other people in their pain, I’m yours

In Jesus,
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