Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
Every time I hear the word “Tradition,” I think of Zero Mostel singing the song of the same name from “Fiddler on the Roof.” No one danced Tevye better than he did. Who better than Zero could help us remember one of our best traditions in the parish, Oktoberfest.

This Friday we gather once again to celebrate! Celebrate whatever you like. Fall colors! (In Flori¬da we watch the palm trees turn to a lighter green from the dark greens of summer.) Tapping beer kegs which amazingly appear on time under the careful guidance of our time-tested Brewmeister, Fred Schmid. Grilled sausages of varying types from Grillmeister, Brian McMahon. My personal favorite, a good sauerkraut.

All evolve under the watchful eye of Elli Hurst who manages to gift us with generous occasions for coming together. ...And that’s between her world-wide business sojourns; a true Gesellschaftmeisterin. (I think that’s German for hostess with the mostest. I hope so.)

Sometimes people get tired of doing the same thing, or eating the same thing, or maybe even being the same thing. I’ve heard that now and then.

Just what it is that keeps things from getting old or boring? At the risk of stating the obvious, I think it’s about how much attention we pay to things. If something – or someone - is ‘boring,’ you might ask yourself, when was the last time you really looked at it ...or them.

At this point in my Twitching, I leaned back and stopped and thought about different things I haven’t really looked at, things I take for granted. I’m saying “things”, but I think it’s more honest to say, “people”. The results aren’t great.

Boring might not be the problem either, so much as self-preoccupation. If I’m thinking about me, I’m not paying attention to you.

Either way, whether I let my lack of attention to people and things render me ‘bored’, or I let myself get into a ‘spate of self’, either way, how sad.

Today’s parable about the judge who “neither feared God nor respected any human being” finds he must pay attention to a widow who is going to drive him nuts until she gets a judgement from him. The story speaks to us of the necessity of persis¬tence in prayer.

For me, the parable also says that active atten¬tion on the part of both the judge and the widow will sure keep the case out of the realm of boring. It’s the question of attention.

So, I hope I’ll see you on Friday. I don’t think you’ll be bored. You should be able to get tickets at the door, although you could have gotten them cheaper if you had bought them ahead of time, plus making sure you had a place at the table. Wonder¬ing about a seat will keep you from being bored, anyway.

In Jesus,
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