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fetscherDear Family,
On Thursday we will gather for our Thanksgiving Mass at 10:00. That’s the only Mass that day.

The word “thanks” and all the ways in which we use it... I enjoy going and looking at the source of words. "Thanks" finds roots in old Germanic use with the idea of "remembering fondly, thinking of with gratitude." That works for me.

The history lets us celebrate the idea that thanks has long been a part of our lives and activities. You know that there’s a sermon in here somewhere about how much more grateful we could be in our lives, but I’m going to try and resist that temptation.

My first thought is that the word "eucharist" means "thanks," giving thanks. It is the Lord’s "good gift" that we receive. What could be better than the Lord himself? He is the best of gifts and our natural sentiment is to want to thank him.

What’s on your personal thanksgiving list? Who and what do you think about?

Sometimes, events make you grateful, especially when someone does something, or something happens. Patricio injured his shoulder in a fall (looks like it’s a little parish plague), and I realize how grateful I am for what he does, especially when he can’t do it. When Annie can’t be here for something (and that’s rare), I miss her presence and am thankful for it all the more.
But I’m also realizing that what I haven’t done, is really sit down and take the time to make a list, at least in my mind. Taking that time lets you into some memory banks you haven’t used for a while, and you find lots of little treasures that God put in your way.

The rectory finally got the new floor which came out well, and I was laughing to myself thinking about Bubba slipping and sliding. I’m guessing they have padded non-slip floors in dog heaven.

But I’m also saying thanks for the eight years Bubba had me.

I go down the list of my sibs with a very grateful heart. As a matter of fact, right in the middle of writing this Twitch one of my sisters called, and was very happy to hear I was planning Thanksgiving dinner with Boston Market. (Please don’t tell anyone.)

I’m thankful for people who laugh at my jokes, and I’m thankful for their senses of humor, even perhaps a little generously stretched.

I’m thankful for Frankie’s wagging tail – that’s Annie’s dog who works here in the office.

I’m thankful for Carole Casey and Judy Fisher who help with the office, and of course Bill Fuccillo who helps count, even when he is another victim of the parish plague as he fell and broke a shoulder.

I’m thankful for delivery men who I suspect get taken for granted too much.

I’m grateful for the people who made my Prius and did it so well that it runs like a top seven years later. (I guess that means I won’t get my Lincoln Hybrid this year. Of course, the emphasis is on hybrid.)

I give thanks for cooler weather that makes the traces of iguanas less present.

I give thanks for people who consistently week after week keep bringing food for our End Hunger baskets at the church doors. I also give thanks for Steve Flood who faithfully distributes it to those in need out of the Blessed Sacrament parish pantry.

I’m very thankful that yesterday, Jim and Lourdes Cowgill received the Archdiocesan One in Hope recognition because of their contributions to ABCD and their involvement in parish ministry. It honors the parish and sets the tone for all of us.

So, in Thanks, I’m yours in Christ our brother,
sign frjim

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