Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
Some of you receive, “Give Us This Day.” In the entry for last May 25th, this reflection from the Dialogues of Saint Catherine of Siena appeared.

Found By Love
I have chosen you out of the world...
Thank you so much, eternal Father, for not abandoning me, Your handiwork. Thank you for not turning your face away from me. Thank you for not making light of my desires. You are Light, and You’ve seen and forgiven my dark weaknesses. You are Life, and You’ve never believed me dead.
You, Doctor, have listened to my grave illnesses of soul.

You, Eternal Purity, have seen and forgiven my terrible habits.
You, Infinite Love, overlook that I am finite, and You, wisdom, haven’t held me accountable for my foolishness. For all these and countless other failings of mine, Your wisdom, kindness, mercy, and infinite goodness haven’t hated me.

Instead, in Your light You’ve given me light, Lord. In your wisdom I’ve come to know the truth. In Your mercy I’ve found your love and affection for my neighbors. What made You do this? Certainly, it wasn’t my virtues. It was always Your Love. Thank You.

You might wonder why I chose Christmas time to bring up Catherine’s conversation with God. I think it’s the references to light. “In Your light, You’ve given me light...” He is the light of lights.

We string lights all over the place to celebrate the Lord’s birth. The rectory virtually glows at night because Patricio’s favorite time of the year is Christmas. There’s no light that is not worthy of being strung up.

That last paragraph of Saint Catherine’s gives me the sense of walking in the Lord’s light that eliminates the shadows. Goodness knows there is a lot of darkness around. We believers have a way of dealing with it: We claim Christ’s Light!

Okay. So now we have claimed the Light. What do we do with it?

Well, I’m hoping you’re reading this Twitch before Christmas, because then you could stop and ask yourself who needs to see a little of your light. You’ve got three days to think of someone. I’m stopping to do that right now...

However, I have a little problem. Deadlines are making me write this Twitch on December 13th. Can I remember for twelve days?

December 13th is the feast of Saint Lucy. What could be better when I’m writing about light?

Catholic online says, “The names Lucy, Luz, Lu¬cia and Lucille are all derived from the Latin stem for ‘light’ or ‘dawning.’ The church situates her feast day during the darkest week of the year in the Northern hemisphere, as we approach the winter solstice on Dec. 21.”

Since Lucy is associated with light, who could be better than she to help me remember for 12 days? As a matter of fact, maybe someone could write some sort of song... maybe call it, ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas?’...

OK. I’m not going to push this any further. All of this is great fun. I’m hoping that no matter what you’re dealing with in your lives, Christ’s light makes it through to your minds and hearts, so much so that you’ll be another Lucy, a light bearer, a sign that points to the Maker of Light.

As we said in the Christmas card we sent to all the parishioners, (I hope you got one,) all of us on the parish staff wish you great peace and joy. May the love of Jesus extend beyond the lights and be with you in every moment of 2020.

In Jesus our Light,
sign frjim

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