Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
I’m writing last Monday, January 20th, the Feast of Saint Sebastian. There was a good group at 8:00 a.m. morning Mass. In honor of St. Seb, we sang. We were in good voice and good cheer.  I didn’t ask how many had been at our dinner at Tropical Acres on the 17th, but this morning’s cheer was a carryover for me.

The Pastoral Council members pitched in and each had a part in making our dinner a huge success. Judy Fisher sent out 650 invitations. Connie Reed, Liz Calhoun and Annie Gardner were the organizers par excellence. Nancy Adams, Frank Krauser, Rosemary Guerin and Ann Murry went early to set up, labeling tables and making sure each place had a special pen. (Shining the light of Christ! Get it?) Chuck Wobby rounded out the group with handling the seating assignments – no mean feat - and smiling a welcome for folks as he did so.

Some of you remarked that you appreciated the way we did the seating. You could be with the people you came with, but then you received a table number and found, perhaps, some new friends. Annie did the design and printing of those name tags. We were determined to make them big enough so you could read them. She also did the packets of table numbers.

Liz put together that display of photos that were running as background throughout the wonderful meal. I’ve got to ask her for the Bubba shot.

I’ve said more than once, any place that makes green beans taste good deserves our business. My filet was extraordinary. As Annie remarked, how amazing it was that our servers went around the table and asked each how they liked their steak cooked, and lo and behold, that was the way it came out of the kitchen. My tablemates who opted for fish gave the salmon four stars as well.

Tropical Acres has been around for 70 years. Before we had evening Masses (that’s really going back,) it was said that if you needed a priest on a Sunday night, call Tropical Acres. Ah, the good old days.

I know you didn’t need those little details. I simply wanted to make the point that we have so much to be grateful for. Our 60th anniversary is a celebration of people, people like the green giants listed to your left. There are countless others over the years.keysers I promise you that if their names and faces have faded somewhat from our memories, each is known forever by name and face for all eternity in the Banquet Hall of banquet halls.

Matt and Sandy Keysers were kind enough to give me a photo (to the right) from their wedding. It was April 24, 1965. You know it’s our sanctuary because the tabernacle and candlesticks are ours. What’s really interesting is that it looks like we still have the same kneelers and chairs. Amazing. The back wall is plastered. The wooden background we see now didn’t come until some years later along with the bell tower.

The real treasure of our community is the faith of countless people. You can’t take pictures of that. The only way you see faith is by coming to a “live” gathering. See you next Sunday, next month, next year, next decade... who knows?

In Jesus,
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