Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
As Kansas City basked in the joy and light of Super Bowl victory, I was thinking about our other Archbishop, namely Archbishop Jim Keleher, our good friend and Archbishop Emeritus of Kansas City, Kansas. I called him last Monday morning and he was delighted about the outcome. He said he was getting concerned until “the boys” finally came through in the fourth quarter. He prayed them through right until the end. He hopes perhaps to see us in the not too distant future. Hearing him sound well was a great way to start the week.

Before I even write my next words, I know I am probably going to be in big, serious, hairy eyeball trouble. The words I’m thinking: “Why is it that I’ve never heard one woman’s junk is another woman’s treasure”? The answer: “Because men are from Mars and women are from Venus.”

Trinkets and Treasures began, as I understand it, with an event called “Just Books.” That morphed into our present Trinkets and Treasures. As I understand it a great woman by the name of Virginia Ring was the catalyst. She was the parish secretary for many years prior to our Annie Gardner who came on September 28, 1995 with Monsignor McDonnell. Virginia Ring involved Virginia Potter. I understand they were good friends and Ms. Potter took over from Ms. Ring. Still with me?

Virginia Potter involved Mary Ann Smith as her advisor on pricing, and then Mary Ann took it over. As some of you know Mary Ann has been doing a little doctoring up north, and Linda Hatlan has honchoed this year’s event. (Being president of the St. Sebastian Council of Catholic Women means you do ALL sorts of things - however unexpectedly.) Mary Ann still maintained input by phone and intends to be back in the traces next year. Meanwhile, for Linda and all who helped make this weekend happen, no words are adequate, but I’ll say a huge “Thank You” anyway.

I know none of you were lying awake last night wondering about all that. Still, in our Diamond Jubilee Year, doing a little recalling of history is a nice way of being grateful for so many wonderful people who brought us to our present moment. I found as I put faces on names, and tickled other people’s memories, history became more than a series of facts.

As a faith community, recalling gives us a chance, once again, to see, and perhaps even re-experience, the ways in which God has blessed us. I think even the thorny moments played an important part in our history. After all, if you’ve got thorns, there must be a rose in there somewhere.

Speaking of history, as of last Tuesday, our pledges for ABCD, the ArchBishop’s Charities and Development Appeal have reached $49,064. That is about 48% of our goal of $102.058. So far, we’ve heard from 69 households. I know we will hear from more of you. To be honest, we better, because I don’t want to be caught short having to make up for deficit.

The ABCD is part of the way the Archdiocese plans for it’s needs and the needs of many that are not touched directly by parishes, It is a privilege to be able to share in that work through the umbrella of the Archdiocese. As we support the planning and outreach of the Archdiocese, so the Archdiocese encourages us by returning any ABCD money that is over our goal.

How much nicer it has been in the past, and I hope will be this year to meet our goal. Dearest friends, it’s up to you. Here’s to all we do, and may it always be,

In Jesus,
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