Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
Love and peace to all of you!


1. THE OFFICE IS OPEN 10:00 AM TO 12 NOON MONDAY THRU FRIDAY. That could change so call before you come. Don’t come unless it‘s necessary.

2. THE PARISH NUMBER, 954-524-9344, WILL BE OPERATIVE 24/7. If you get a voicemail, it is because I am temporarily “indisposed.” Call again.

3. PUT UP WITH MY SENSE OF HUMOR. I ONLY HOPE IT HELPS YOU AS MUCH AS IT DOES ME. (When this is all over, ask me about why people hoarded toilet paper.)

4. I AM TRYING TO DO EMAIL CONTACT WITH MY CORE HERE AT ST. SEBASTIAN. IF WE DO NOT HAVE YOUR EMAIL, SEND US ONE AT This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. SIMPLY SAY, “SEND EMAIL.” (I will try not over-do it. I get too much junk mail as well.) Look for LIFE AT ST. SEBASTIAN in the subject line.

I’m surely not the first person to say it, but this COVID-19 challenge can definitely have one good by-product, namely, making all of us a little more appreciative of the each other. I hope so. Too bad a pandemic falls into that category, but you’ve got to admit, it has our attention.

legochurchSome time ago I heard what was supposed to be a Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times.” It was supposed to be irony. If you lived in boring times, then everything would be peaceful. When you didn’t want your adversary to have peace, you whipped out the curse. You can check out the history of the phrase on Wikipedia (in case you have time on your hands.) One thing you will find is that the phrase is not of Chinese origin. But our times sure are interesting to say the least.

Jasmine Trang (10) could not get to Mass and so she made a church. Across the page you will see what can only be described as a wonderfully creative use of Legos. I think I found me in the picture. If I am right, please note that I am smiling. Thank you, Jasmine. If I wasn’t smiling before, I sure am now.

$$$ You know speaking about money is not my favorite activity. But as pious as that may be, I’m not really doing my job if I don’t speak responsibly about funding our parish. Annie writes the checks each week, so I am probably a little too cavalier about finances since I can sign them quicker than she can write them.

Still, there is no doubt in my mind that the Lord guides the care that each of us is offering each other in so many ways, including paying the bills here at St. Sebastian.

This week, because of a generous annual contribution that comes each year, AND some special contributions made by mail from those who are obviously home, AND because of folk who contribute with automatic withdrawals (like me), we actually made a deposit that was larger than a normal one at this time would be. May we remain open to the Lord’s prodding.

On top of that, WE HAVE REACHED OUR ABCD GOAL!!!! TADA! The last $1,300 we needed came from a generous parishioner who had been asking what more we needed. They had already contributed. We took great joy in telling them to hold back because more was coming in, etc. Finally, we said, OK, this is the last step and they came through.

Each day I am celebrating Mass not only for the regular intentions, but for all of us. I pray that being alone will not mean we’re left lonely.
People of faith know better, and that’s what we are.
sign frjim

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