Twilight Twitches

fetscherDear Family,
I am writing this Twitch on March 26, 2020. Around holidays we always have early publication needs. So here I am 10 days before Palm Sunday wondering what will be relevant as you read this.

Now I am laughing and maybe crying at the same time, and perhaps for the same reason: who knows what the next ten days will bring? I sure couldn’t have predicted the last ten.

One nice thing to think about is if you are reading this, at least we haven’t blown ourselves up yet.

I am going to deeply miss celebrating Holy Week. We all know the story. Today we remember the entry of Jesus into his city, Jerusalem. He is acclaimed. “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.” Acclaimed on Sunday and by Thursday it will have fallen apart. We heard Matthew tell us the whole story.
The narrative is painful. I wonder how hard it was for the original cast of characters to retell the story to the first generation of believers. Reading it now still chills me and saddens me. This might be the first time I ever wondered how the evangelists felt as the retold stories took shape under their names. Each of the four added their unique perspective. Each of their narrations also come from the hearts of their disciples as well.

Thursday and Friday walk us through the last hours of Jesus. We know we ultimately get to Easter. What it took for Him to get there. “They” didn’t understand. “They” didn’t get it.

I wonder if going through COVID-19 makes us any more understanding of what Jesus felt when He knew his mission had failed. Somehow, I think of my new personal hero, Dr. Anthony Fauci, trying to tell us what works. He’s my age and I stand in

utter awe of his strength and patience. In a some¬what weed-filled environment he stands as an oak.

Last night I blew my top at some guys who were in the green field throwing around a frisbee. I think they thought I was nuts when I tried to say something about passing that frisbee around. They surely were welcome, but not to congregate as good friends do, with less than six feet sepa¬rating them. These weren’t kids. They were at least in their twenties. Go figure. Dr. Fauci would have handled it much better, I’m sure.

How do you switch subjects, or get back to what you started to write about? I guess just jump.

Today begins the solemn week that leads us through the Last Supper, to the Passion and Cross and finally the Empty Tomb. On the 27th - nine days ago for you - I will email a very beautiful reflection on Spiritual Communion – a way of making the Eucharist spiritually present when Eucharist cannot be physically there.

Thanks to Pat O’Dea for pointing us to the reflection that comes from the Diocese of Orlando.

Since I’m stuck in sort of a time warp, I just want to close with the idea that the love of Jesus is timeless. It’s the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. It is all-encompassing and unconditional¬ly forgiving, That’s why he went through the events we recall this week.

Take the time and read Matthew 26 and 27. This is his year in the cycle. His account of the passion grabs our hearts in two simple chapters. Take the time to sit with your family and read the gospel out loud to each other, or if you are alone read it out loud to yourself. You might be surprised at the effect.

With prayer and gratitude,
In Christ our brother,
sign frjim

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